A Successful Partner-Focused Business

Archive360 empowers organizations to protect one of their most valuable
assets – their corporate data. We recognize that all of our customer have unique
requirements and objectives when migrating their email archives. Thanks to our
global network of partners, our customers always get the right solution with the
most successful outcome. Every time.
Our partner program is designed to create an extended organization that delivers
unique technology solutions, proven integrations and best practice service
offerings to our customers, worldwide.

Putting the Customer First

At Archive360, we stand by our reputation: 100% of our migration projects are successful and referenceable.  During 2015 alone, Archive360, and our global network of partners, successfully migrated more than 2.2 million users and more than 80 billion email messages.  Our accuracy rate for all migrations completed was 99.999%, and our average project duration across all customers was 38 days.


Making our Partners Successful

In 2015, Archive360 helped our partners generate more than $1.5 Billion in
revenues.  Our partner program equips our partners with the right sales, marketing
and technical resources they need to be successful.