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We're one of the top producing Microsoft Managed and Co-Sell Prioritized ISVs. Discover how joining Archive360’s Partner Program can help you grow your Microsoft Azure business.


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With an increasing number of organizations worldwide planning to move their on-premises email archives to the cloud, Archive360 is actively looking to recruit additional best of breed partners who can help us manage the resulting demand for email archive migration.



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Cloud Migration like no other

Your customers want to get their data out of legacy archives . Partner with Archive360 to migrate your customers’ data fast (25tb a day – that’s fast!), And, unlike other solutions, our migrations aren’t just fast. They’re also complete, secure and legally defensible.


Zero lock-in, open Archiving

Every customer wants full control of their data. Our solution, Archive2Azure is the only archiving platform that is fully controlled by your customer – data, archiving/retention policies, encryption keys, all in their Azure tenant. Plus, Archive2Azure is WORM and SEC compliant, providing additional levels of security and confidence.


Why you want to partner with Archive360

If you’re interested in learning more about how Archive360 solutions can help your customers migrate to Azure and better service their data archiving and management needs, the Archive360 Partner Program may be for you. Benefits:

  • Dedicated global partner team and partner enablement to help you ramp up as quickly as possible
  • Multiple partner engagements models to best fit your business objectives
  • Fast, simple deal registration
  • Recurring revenue and margin for the life of the customer agreement
  • Co-marketing support and resources

Client Reviews

At New Signature, we work to help our customers get the most of their Microsoft cloud investments.  Archive 360 and their innovative solutions have helped us to solve customer challenges that were not able to be met by native Microsoft tools and processes alone.

Solutions such as Archive2Azure have helped our customers to accelerate their attainment of being true digital companies.

Jim Banach

Practice Group Lead - Workplace | New Signature

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The Archive2Azure platform helps you take full advantage of its intelligent information management capabilities to meet your legal and regulatory requirements.