Welcome to our Final Newsletter of 2023...

...and my opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! On behalf of our Archive360 team, thank you to our customers for trusting us with your business. And to our partners, thank you for allowing us to help you deliver more value to your customers.

As I reflect on 2023, three key themes have dominated our sector of IT and our conversations with customers and partners:

  1. AI. 2023 will likely go down as the year of AI. With AI going mainstream, we’re at the epicenter of hype for both the opportunities and risks of AI. As an early adopter of AI technology, Archive360 has experienced firsthand the possibilities and realities of AI. Last month, our blogs - “Analytics, AI, and Archiving” discussed the challenges of balancing the value, cost, and potential risk of data in AI. Our Q1 2024 newsletter will provide more details of how we’re helping our customers accelerate their adoption of AI, extend their Large Language Models and extend the value of data lakes and data clouds such as Snowflake and Databricks.
  2. Data. For as long as I can remember, the technology press has been filled with articles regarding the proliferation of data. This year was no different as my newsfeeds alerted me to the implications of exabytes of data – not just in new data but in legacy data that will need to be retired and potentially made available to feed the AI models organizations are looking to implement. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to check out our resources focused on retiring applications as well as data retirement.
  3. Governance, Risk and Compliance. Earlier this year, we met with the Chief Data Officers at a number of Fortune 100 companies. And last month with the CDOs from many US Federal agencies. It’s no surprise that many of our conversations were about AI. However in every case, CDOs were concerned about how quickly they could show additional value to their organizations, while respecting expanding obligations for data governance. Earlier this month we partnered with Compliance Week to discuss what 2024 holds for CDOs and compliance officers and last week published this blog looking 2024 predictions for data governance and compliance.

Again, thank you to our customers and partners for continuously driving Archive360 to disrupt and transform the data governance industry. On behalf of the entire Archive360 team, I wish you a joyous, safe, and healthy holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year.

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The Importance of Managing Technical Debt 

The importance of managing technical debt

While most organizations understand the importance of technology to meet their strategic goals, they often overlook technical debt’s costs in the form of lost opportunities and wasted resources. According to McKinsey & Company research, 30 percent of CIOs surveyed believe 20 percent of their budget for new products is diverted to resolving issues related to technical debt. 

Technical debt is often regarded as the cost of shortcuts taken during software development, but in the context of legacy business applications it also refers to wasting money on something that is incapable of resolving your challenges. In an age when data security, privacy and ownership have become increasingly important to business success, understanding, and eliminating legacy application technical debt should be a top priority. Here are some common signs of legacy application technical debt that negatively impact your ability to manage data efficiently and effectively: 

Maintaining Duplicate System(s) 

Your organization switched to a more modern, robust business application that better meets its needs, but continues to operate the legacy application simply to provide access to its historical data. 

With increasing regulatory, customer, and employee focus on how organizations manage their data and its importance to the success of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), organizations can no longer afford to keep their critical and inactive data trapped and unmanaged in legacy applications. Archive360’s Unified Data Governance platform enables organizations to manage their critical and inactive data more efficiently and cost-effectively, retire their legacy applications and associated technical debt. This not only saves legacy application maintenance and support costs, but improves litigation preparedness, reduces data discovery costs, and frees-up resources (financial, personnel and data) to focus on value-add activities. Archive360 has worked with organizations that decommissioned system, yet continued to operate, tens of legacy applications per year simply to meet regulatory retention requirements. By archiving data to Archive360’s Unified Data Governance platform, those organizations have saved millions in legacy application operating costs alone. For more information on structured data archiving for application retirement, read our latest whitepaper. 


Structured Data Archiving for Application Retirement

Legacy applications are a constant resource drain on an organization. Not only do they consume IT's budget, but also require dedicated personnel to maintain. In this white paper you will learn: 

  • The key drivers for retiring legacy applications
  • Important considerations and decisions to address when archiving your organization's structured data 

Top 10 Data Governance and Compliance Predictions for 2024


In the symphony of 2023, dominated by Taylor Swift tunes and unexpected market shifts, our blog forecasts the top 10 predictions for 2024. From the evolution of AI/ML models to regulatory actions, read on to discover the melodious insights shaping the year ahead.

Here are the first five key predictions shaping the year ahead:
  • Integration of AI/ML models as a new class of records
  • Likelihood of regulatory actions tied to AI decisions
  • Slow government adoption of Generative AI
  • Organizations streamlining data sources
  • Accelerated migration of on-premises data to secure cloud environments
Top 10 predictions
AI & AAA blog small

Analytics, AI, and Archiving: The New Triple A

  • Uncover the powerful fusion of data archiving and governance with AI and analytics in this captivating blog, featuring Microsoft's M365 archiving as a pivotal example.
  • Discover the key strategies for enhancing performance, ensuring compliance, and expanding data sources for AI and analytics through cutting-edge archiving solutions like Archive360.
  • Explore the synergy of this triple A driving modern data governance and revolutionize your approach to unlock new insights and opportunities with your data.

We Welcome John Flanagan

Senior Director of Product Support

Please join us in welcoming John to Archive360. John is based in New Jersey and a member of our Support team, working closely with John Swanteck.

John is a seasoned Support Leader specializing in Customer Experience within the PaaS/SaaS domain. His approach hinges on leading pivotal support initiatives, fostering cross-functional team collaborations, and implementing innovative policies to assemble high-performing teams. His journey in this field has seen him lead strategic programs that leverage Agile methodologies to hasten support delivery. He also has effectively managed numerous large scale and transformative technical program initiatives, projects like support system migrations and omni-channel support development as well as complete team reorgs.


Welcome to the Team John! 

John Flanagan