Enterprise Vault.cloud Migration

Enterprise Vault.cloud (EV.cloud) was one of the first cloud-based email archiving solutions but has fallen behind newer, more powerful cloud-based archiving platforms. Another reason EV.cloud has been left behind was the mass migration of on premise Exchange email systems to the cloud-based Office 365 and its offering of matching free archive mailboxes. Because of the move to Office 365, companies are considering the question of what to do about their EV.cloud archiving solution; continue paying the high cost of keeping a separate archiving platform functional or migrate their EV.cloud archive to the Office 365 cloud and utilize its free archive folders.

Many companies have chosen to migrate their EV.cloud email archives to Office 365 instead of staying with EV.cloud. One problem companies face is the fact that EV.cloud archives are huge and difficult to migrate successfully. Questions like; do I need to migrate the entire EV.cloud archive, what if I have a journal, can I still migrate my archive if I am in litigation, how long will the migration take, and will it be disruptive to my employees?

FastCollect for Archives Product Highlights

FastCollect for Archives for Enterprise Vault.cloud is the premier email archive migration solution designed specifically for the Enterprise Vault.cloud platform.

FastCollect takes full advantage of the EV.cloud APIs for faster, more accurate message extractions as compared to other migration vendors. FastCollect extracts messages, attachments, and metadata directly from EV.cloud while maintaining an item-level audit trail for compliance reporting. FastCollect also preserves the complete, original message fidelity for eDiscovery and regulatory requests.

FastCollect for Archives/EV.cloud features and benefits

  • Utilizes a multi-threaded, multi-server platform to provide the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions
  • Uses native EV.cloud web APIs to enable search and filtering of emails by custodian, date range, and other criteria
  • Does not require indexing or data gathering before extraction begins – begin message extraction within minutes of installation
  • Includes message-level chain of custody reporting to reduce eDiscovery risk
  • Provides an intuitive and powerful graphical user interface for ease of use and faster time to migration start – little or no training required

If you currently have an EV.cloud archive and are considering a move or have already moved your email system to Office 365, call Archive360 now to see how affordable and easy it is to migrate your from the EV.cloud to Office 365 or Azure.