Migrate Commvault Simpana Email Archive and Compliance Journal to Azure

Businesses today struggle with the regulatory compliance and eDiscovery/litigation preparedness of their sensitive data sitting in their aging and expensive Commvault Simpana archive. Compounding the problem for many of these companies is the desire to migrate their email systems to the cloud, a strategy that can be made more complex and costly when dealing with terabytes of data in an on premise Commvault email archive that will need to be maintained.

FastCollect for Archives from Archive 360 eliminates these concerns (and on-going costs) by providing a proven, cost effective way to migrate that Commvault Simpana archive data to your new cloud repository. The only email archive migration solution designed specifically to connect with Commvault Simpana, FastCollect for Archives enables you to eliminate the cost and complexity of migrating terabytes of data from your retired Simpana archive into Microsoft Office 365—enabling you to fully realize the potential of the cloud.

Overcome migration obstacles –

The Compliance Journal

The fact that you have a compliance journal for regulatory or legal reasons, in the past meant you could not simply retire your Commvault Simpana archive after you moved your email system to Office 365 since you still needed it to maintain the archived journal. This is because Microsoft suggests that journals not be migrated into Office 365.

However, that does not mean you need to retain your expensive Commvault archive to support them. With Archive2Azure from Archive360, you are able to quickly and securely migrate your entire Simpana compliance journal into Microsoft Azure while maintaining the continuity of your archive journal and data. This allows you finally retire your Commvault archive while reducing costs and driving even greater employee productivity.

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Key Email Archive Migration Concerns

Most organizations moving to a new archiving environment have similar questions and concerns that need to be addressed prior to migration. This includes such questions as:

  • How much data do I actually have in my archive and what type of data is included?
  • How much inactive or grey data do I have (such as archived messages from inactive users and former employees)?
  • Do I have journaled data?
  • Should I migrate the entire archive, as well as the journal archive?
  • Did the archive include placing email stubs or shortcuts in the live email mailbox?
  • I have ongoing or pending litigation. Can I still migrate my email?
  • How do I manage archived email that is under legal hold?
  • Will I be able to migrate and account for 100% of my archived mail?
  • How long will the entire migration take?
  • Will migrating my archive delay my Exchange implementation project?

Product Highlights

FastCollect for Archives is the only email archive migration solution designed specifically to work with the Commvault Simpana email archiving solution.

Fully integrated with Simpana Data Volumes, FastCollect ensures quick, accurate extractions. FastCollect for Archives extracts raw messages and attachments, including metadata, directly from the Simpana archive. It maintains an item-level audit trail for compliance reporting, and preserves complete, original message fidelity for eDiscovery and regulatory requests.

Additional key features and benefits include:

  • Multithreaded, multi-server platform
    Provides the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions.
  • Access native Commvault Data Volumes
    Simplified search and filter functions allow for faster, more accurate data extractions.
  • Streamline data extractions
    Begin message extraction within minutes of installation, unlike other solutions that take days or weeks to index before starting the process.
  • Eliminate data conversions
    Maintain migrated data in its original state for regulatory or legal purposes in compliance according to the EML/RFC822 open standard.
  • Intuitive and powerful GUI
    Reduce the amount of time needed for training and experience a faster time to migration.
  • Message-level chain of custody reporting
    Legally defensible reporting lowers eDiscovery risks and enforces strict SEC regulatory compliance.