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Effortless Data migration to Azure and Office 365

Migrating large data sets from disparate data silos to Office 365 and Azure can be an expensive, time consuming, and complex task. FastCollect takes the risk out of data migration to the Microsoft Cloud by providing 80 plus connectors for migrating a huge variety of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. FastCollect provides for the fast, secure, and trouble-free movement of data from on premise and cloud repositories to the Microsoft Cloud in a legally defensible manner.

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Discover Industry-Leading, Managed-Cloud Archive Solutions that Ensure the Security and Compliance of the valuable Information.

On-Premise Archives

Storage Connectors

  • EMC Centera/ Atmos / ECS
  • EMC Isilon
  • AWS S3

Cloud Archives

File Shares

  • SMB
  • NFS
  • CIFS
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From an engineer’s point of view, Archive360 were super easy to deal with, and our data export was conducted quickly and required very little intervention.

Gerard Simms, Systems Engineer at Webster Limited

Archive360 made the changeover unbelievably easy. I can’t tell you how worried we've been with the prospect of potentially losing emails or not getting everything migrated. Thankfully though, with the way that you guys do it, the worry was for nothing.

Colin Nicholson Systems Administrator at Brisbane Grammar School


Office 365 and Azure

Fast, seamless migration into Office 365 and Azure. Allows the movement of all of your aging and legacy data to the cloud, not just email

Wide range of data connectors

No limitation to just a few data types. With 89 data connectors, you can migrate a huge number of application data sets, instead of just email

Zero Impact Migrations

Achieve impact-free migrations using a single, proven solution that enables you to point, click and move all your information with 100% data fidelity while minimizing impacts on end-user productivity and accessibility.

Automated Workflow

Eliminate time-consuming, tedious and error-prone, manual migration processes by automating the entire workflow with PowerShell scripting. Easily schedule and conduct ongoing information migrations outside regular business hours with confidence while maintaining a log of all activities to ensure compliance.

Full regulatory compliance and legal defensibility

Preserve original message fidelity to provide defensible response to eDiscovery and regulatory information requests.

Flexible Data Migration

Migrate messages directly into the Office 365 Personal Archive, as well as move non-Office 365 data into your companies Azure tenant.

Centralized Migration Management

Control the entire extraction and ingestion process, including extraction rules, export targets, and reporting, through a single, intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface.

Powerful Shortcut & Stub Management

Discover, rehydrate, redirect or delete mailbox stubs in adherence with corporate data retention policies using a proven, proprietary process that ensures full legal defensibility with audit and reporting.

Quick & Accurate Migrations

Extract information from hundreds of email boxes at once on a single server using an accurate and proven migration solution that delivers fast and complete data migrations.

Comprehensive Audit & Reconciliation

Maintain detailed audit trails for compliance and legal reporting. Detailed reporting on the number of items expected to be extracted and items actually extracted, as well as the amount of items with exceptions.

Journal Archive Elimination

Simplify the information archiving process while leveraging powerful data search and analytics to quickly answer and respond to legal matters.


Departed Employees

Get fast, automated, and broad enterprise-information collection that captures and maintains inactive employee data.