A Message from our CEO

Last year, I shared with you the exciting news that Archive360 had received strategic investment from Leeds Equity Advisors.  Some of you have already benefited directly from that investment in terms of interacting with new members of our team.  Since September 2021, we’ve grown our team, adding staff to our services, support, development and customer success teams, as well as to our Sales and Marketing organization.  One of our key new hires include John Swanteck who joined us earlier this month as our VP of Global Professional Services.  As you’ll see from his bio, John’s been involved continuously in the evolution of enterprise information management systems from their origins until today.  Having worked on the vendor side and, for the past 15 years, the customer side, John brings a unique perspective to this role that we know will benefit all our customers.   

Investing in our team and expanding our capabilities and skillset is essential given the significant growth in new customers and existing customer usage we continue to see.  Since our Q4 newsletter, this includes: 

  • one of the largest global, international investment banks in the world who plans to grow their Archive360 platform to an aggregate total of 100PB (yes, you read that correctly – 100 Petabytes) of Corporate Records (comprised of both structured & unstructured data).   
  • a major US Federal government agency, extending their use of the Archive360 platform as an active archive, growing to more than 2PB over the next two years.  We’ve just wrapped up migrating hundreds of TBs of PST data to the archive for them.  
  • one of the top 4 consulting firms in the world, who needs to actively manage data generated across Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack, plus email journaling, store and manage it across multiple locations and clouds worldwide, to address data sovereignty needs.  Once again, Archive360 replaced a legacy “market leader” (as defined by the analyst community) – a 20 year old product that can’t support public cloud, government cloud, information security and native format archiving requirements. 

These are just three of the many new and growing customers we’ve welcomed over the past three months.  And while every customer has a unique business environment and technical requirements, all have one common major concern: information security. Specifically, how to mitigate the risks of storing and managing sensitive data in the cloud.  With that in mind, check out this edition’s “Ask the Expert” in which our Chief Architect, Glenn Luft, answers the following question:  What are the benefits of data-level vs. application-level security controls? 

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Company Announcement

Introducing John Swanteck

VP of Global Professional Services

John Swanteck is Archive360’s new Vice President of Global Professional Services, leading our professional services and customer support teams worldwide. John and his teams are responsible for ensuring that every Archive360 implementation delivers the business outcomes our customers need.

A pioneer in information archiving, John implemented his first electronic archiving system for one of the leading Wall Street banks in 1991 and has been involved in the evolution and expansion of information archiving and management systems ever since.

John Swantek

Ask The Expert

What are the benefits of data-level vs. application-level security controls? 


Have a question related to information management, archiving, data privacy and compliance or data security? Please send it to us. In each issue, an Archive360 subject matter expert answers one of the questions received.

Product Updates:
Archive360 for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive Archiving

Managing SharePoint Online Storage 

Given SharePoint Online storage is limited, managing the growing usage of applications that consume SharePoint storage, such as Microsoft Teams, is a concern for many SharePoint Online admins: 

How much storage space do I have?  

SharePoint Online’s storage per organization is 1TB, plus 10GB per licensed user. So, if you have 1000 licensed users, you receive 11TB of storage free with your plan. To view your organization’s total and available storage, refer to Microsoft’s step-by-step instructions

5 Reasons (other than storage cost) to Manage SharePoint Online Content

Archive360 Senior Solution Architect, Jared Gaffney, walks through five additional reasons to manage SharePoint Online content besides reducing storage costs.

  1. Increase Productivity 
  2. Maintain Business Continuity 
  3. Ensure Compliance 
  4. Mitigate the Risk of Fines and Settlement Costs 
  5. Protect and Enhance Brand Reputation

For more information on how Archive360 can help manage your SharePoint storage costs, CLICK HERE

Case Study

Archive360 Helps Energy Company with SharePoint and OneDrive Archiving 

After transitioning to Microsoft 365 and the Azure cloud, this oil & gas exploration and production company located in Europe, North Africa, and Asia Pacific with more than 2,ooo employees wanted to decommission their on-premises SharePoint servers and move the contents to their Azure cloud. We deployed Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive Archiving, managed the migration process and provided Admin Assist to eliminate on-premises hardware and software, and reduce maintenance costs. Archive360 made all files readily available in native format and centralized the storage of inactive records along with ensuring the organization maintains security configurations and encryption keys of their cloud infrastructure.

Case study for Oil & Gas company image