John Swanteck is Archive360’s Vice President of Global Professional Services, leading our professional services and customer support teams worldwide. John and his teams are responsible for ensuring that every Archive360 implementation delivers the business outcomes our customers need.


A pioneer in information archiving, John implemented his first electronic archiving system for one of the leading Wall Street banks in 1991 and has been involved in the evolution and expansion of information archiving and management systems ever since.


After leaving the US Army as a qualified M-1 Tank Company Commander of the 1/7 Cavalry, John entered the world of Wall Street. Until joining Archive360, John had worked in IT for many of the leading Financial Services firms including Smith Barney, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Nomura Securities, the Toronto Stock Exchange, First Boston, and Morgan Stanley.


A graduate in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology, when not at work, John can be found tending for his menagerie of (primarily large) animals and his growing collection of trucks, tractors and forestry equipment.