Large Logistics & Supply Chain Company

Client Profile

Logistics & Supply Chain Company


“We have been using NearPoint since the fall of 2010 to Archive our Exchange 2007 environment. With the end of life of NearPoint we were forced to find a new Archive solution. After much investigation we engaged in a POC with Metalogix in order to use their Archive Migration product to push data from our NearPoint Archive into a new Metalogix Archive Manager repository. The Metalogix product failed and we were left struggling to make it work with support for a few weeks. The Metalogix product never got it to import the NearPoint data in a useful form.”


“Archive360 allowed us to test drive their A2A product and it easily and accurately pulled the data from NearPoint into PST files. The PST files were then imported directly into our final choice for a mail archive, Dell Archive Manager. The process was simple, accurate and fast.”

Migration Challenges

“The challenges we encountered were more related to the stability of our NearPoint environment. Data reliability and performance of the old archive caused some delays in getting all the data out. There were no challenges with the Archive 2-Anywhere solution. The product was in place and ready to export in under 2 hours. I didn’t believe they could have it up and running so quickly but was happy to be proved wrong. “

Benefits of Partnering with Archive360

“Archive360 salvaged what was almost a failed mail archive migration project. Without A2A I would likely still be struggling to get the Metalogix product patched to work properly or potentially needing to upgrade NearPoint just to get the data out. The installation and support staff were a pleasure to work with and operated in an open honest fashion, being completely willing to compare the A2A product against any competitor. I imagine that is because the product is simple, robust and just works.”

IT Professional,
Large Logistics & Supply Chain Company