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David A. Noyes & Company is a full-service wealth management firm with experienced Advisors who provide customized financial solutions and services. Their focus is on their Clients and staying true to their Clients’ financial needs and goals.


“We have been using EAS for our email archives since 2007 and two years ago, we decided in 2012 to switch to a cloud solution. Realizing this year was the last year that we would have the needed support from EAS to support any issues, we needed to make a decision to either keep and maintain two separate systems or transition and migrate everything over to the cloud.”


“Since EAS required us to have 3 onsite servers which resulted in a substantial amount of administrative work to maintain them, we decided to move our archives to the cloud, especially with the proposal we received from Bishop Technologies and Archive360.“

Benefits of Partnering with Archive360 & Bishop

“We have been a customer of Bishop for 7 years, as our EAS support partner, and had it not been for Bishop, we would not have stayed with EAS as long as we did. They were our trusted advisor and it was because of Bishop that we chose Archive360 for our archive migration solution, and we’re glad we did. Overall, our experience in migrating off of EAS was excellent. The entire process with Bishop and Archive360 went very well, we got done what we needed to get done, in less than the time expected and the project went smoothly.”

Chris Aivaliotis, Manager of Information Technology
David A. Noyes & Company