AXS-One Exchange

AXS-One Exchange and Notes Legacy Email Archives Migrated to Veritas Enterprise Vault

Project Highlights

  • 120 million Notes and Exchange messages migrated with a 99.5% success rate with less than 0.005% exceptions of the total messages moved.
  • At maximum velocity, 2 million messages per day were extracted from the AXS-One archive while up to 1.5 million messages per day were pushed into Enterprise Vault.
  • Audit logging that documented the move of every single message migrated from EMC Centera to Enterprise Vault Journals.



Archive360 was engaged by a large regional American utility power company to migrate email messages from their legacy AXS-One email archive to a new installation of Veritas Enterprise Vault. The power company’s legal department required data on legal hold in the AXS-One archive be moved to Enterprise Vault in a legally defensible manner. To complicate matters, the AXS-One email archive system switched from a Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange email system.


Project Challenges

The migration project itself presented multiple challenges.:

  1. First, AXS-One is one of the older email archive systems and was not supported well by the vendor.
  2. Second, it contained archive data from both Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange that had to be managed and preserved in its original binary format including all distribution lists.
  3. Finally, the AXS-One archive server was storing its data in an EMC Centera enterprise compliance storage solution; a difficult storage system from which to move data.


The Archive360 Approach

Archive360 was recommended by the partner for its proven ability to migrate legacy email archive data. During the initial planning meetings, custodians were identified for migration to Enterprise Vault.  The approach was a two-step process:

  1. Extract all custodians on legal hold with all metadata and file format preserved from AXS-One.
  2. Ingest the extracted data directly into Enterprise Vault in a legally defensible manner.

Ann Bates, Archive360’s Director of Client Services noted “due to the legacy archive extraction and new email archive ingestion having different migration speeds, the extraction/ingestion performance mismatch had to be balanced with the EMC Centera storage system.”


Figure 1: Archive360 AXS-One Search/Extraction Automation


Figure 2: The FastCollect AXS-One Exchange Migration Application


Figure 3: An example screen of the Notes Migration


Project Results

Migration velocity was achieved at approximately 2 million message per day were extracted from the AXS-One archive while approximately 1.5 million messages per day were ingested into Enterprise Vault.

Upon project completion, the total number of Notes and Exchange messages migrated was over 120 million with an overall success rate of 99.5%. Exceptions accounted for less than 0.005% of the total messages moved, documented in the Audit logs supplied to the customer.

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