Data Discovery & Migration

Comprehensive Solutions for Data Discovery,
Collection, and Migration

You might have already moved your on premise Exchange system to Office 365, but when it comes to migrating your email archives and other unstructured data repositories to the cloud, the thought of undertaking such a difficult, time-consuming, and risky process is enough to make you want to keep these repositories up and running just a bit longer.

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase security or simplify access, Archive360 makes it easy to migrate file system and other data stored on individual employee workstations quickly and securely to the cloud while realizing significant cost savings and increased productivity.

There is a better way

Discover how Archive360’s complete offering of file discovery and migration solutions enable you to decommission your aging, expensive, and troublesome on premise archive and file shares, and finish your move to the cloud.

Email Archive Migration

Don’t let your on premise email archive stop your cloud migration project dead in its tracks. Discover how the right solution can help you effectively migrate an email archive that is 20, 30, or even 50 times larger than your live email system. And learn how you can do it in a legally defensible manner while mitigating regulatory compliance risks that can place your organization at risk.

PST Discovery and Migration

As you migrate your live Exchange email system to the cloud, don’t forget to also find and migrate all of your user’s PSTs that can clog your enterprise storage as well. Leaving these behind can cause you eDiscovery and regulatory compliance problems later.

File Server Discovery and Migration

Dramatically reduce the amount of time required to react to eDiscovery requests when you migrate to an archive solution that enables you to conduct responsive keyword and date searches across all of your data—including the tens and hundreds of terabytes of unindexed file share files.