November 3, 2016


Import PST Files Successfully in Your Email Archive Migration Your organization has relied on Microsoft’s Exchange on-premise email and calendaring solution and is moving to Office 365, Azure or Gmail. During the years of Exchange use, you accumulated terabytes of PST files containing email from active and non-active employees and from email placed on legal hold….

May 25, 2016

FastCollect for PSTs

FastCollect for PSTs Automated PST discovery, rehydration, migration, and removal for a fully defensible and painless move to the cloud Archive360’s FastCollect for PSTs is the only automated PST discovery and migration solution that ensures ALL message stubs, metadata, and message content are located, rehydrated, migrated, deleted, and audited in a manner ensuring full legal…

February 29, 2016


eDiscovery What is eDiscovery? In the next year, the majority of organizations will be ordered by a court or a regulatory body to produce employee emails. If and when this happens to your organizations, you will start a process of email archive migration eDiscovery. EDiscovery, as it’s more commonly known, is the legal process of…