FastCollect for File Servers

Many organizations start the migration process without first fully understanding the strategic business needs, regulatory requirements or even the data type, load or location of the information stored across their IT infrastructure. With FastCollect for File Servers, you’re able to quickly identify, analyze, and collect file share data, including corporate records, presentations, audio and video files, scans and faxes, and legacy application data, and automatically migrate all this information to the cloud in a secure and immutable manner.

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Streamline Cloud Migrations with Automated File Discovery and Analysis

Dramatically reduce storage volumes and speed up content backup and recovery.

Establish automated, policy-based collection using preselected criteria.

Maintain data in its original, native format, including metadata.

Speed legal response times and reduce your eDiscovery costs.

Native integration with SharePoint for end user self-service access

Full support for legal administration

Free Yourself from costly servers and storage arrays. Move Content to Microsoft Azure, automatically.

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Archive360 migrated the data out of NearPoint quickly and efficiently, and it allowed us to completely retire our NearPoint system with the confidence that all of our data was safely on our system.

Rob Latsky, IT Manager at Foster City


File Server Analysis

Perform storage analysis and proactively report on file server data using a wide range of criteria to provide application stakeholders with a clear understanding of what files exist within their server environment.

Policy-Based Data Collection

Quickly search, identify and collect files shares by file age, path, type, last date accessed, and more, using automated policy-based criteria to ensure only the relevant files are moved to the cloud.

Full Compliance and eDiscovery

Preserve original file fidelity and provide defensible response to eDiscovery and regulatory information requests in timely manner with guaranteed and verifiable data immutability.

Ensure Data Fidelity

Extract raw messages and attachments, including all metadata, and reconstitute them into the original Exchange MSG format for error-free, data extraction.

Quick & Accurate Collections

Extract information from hundreds of email boxes at once on a single server using an accurate and proven migration solution that delivers fast throughput of more than 5 terabytes per day into the desired target repository.

Comprehensive Audit & Reconciliation

Maintain detailed audit trails for compliance and reporting. Track the number of files collected and items actually extracted, as well as the amount of items with exceptions.

Centrally Manage

Manage the information extraction and migration process through a single, intuitive and easy-to-use web interface in order to quickly scale for the cloud and improve data performance.

Automated Workflow

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone, manual migration processes by automating the entire workflow with PowerShell scripting. Easily schedule and conduct ongoing information migrations outside regular business hours with confidence while maintaining a log of all activities to ensure compliance.

Cloud-Based File Share

Alleviate the need for ongoing annual storage purchases of additional NAS file shares capacity, and instead, offload low-touch or inactive data.


Departed Employees

Get fast, automated, and broad enterprise-information collection that captures and maintains inactive employee data.