Archive2Azure A2/Compliance Premium Plan

Low-cost, high-performance, secure data repository to Store, Secure, Search, and Manage your Legal/eDiscovery andCompliance data for just pennies per GB per month in the Microsoft Cloud

Archive2Azure Compliance Premium Plan combines compliance storage with powerful data analytics and discovery. Need to find a needle in a data haystack? Archive2Azure provides revolutionary content and metadata storage wrapped in “define your index” templates based on typical business needs. Say goodbye to “take it or leave it” rigid indexes and discover data your way … with pinpoint accuracy.

Archive2Azure A2/Compliance Premium Plan
provides the following:

  • Compliance Storage – World-class security with full data encryption. Data stored in its original format with full data fidelity and chain of custody reporting
  • Long-Term Retention – Advanced retention management engine and encryption for compliance and long term retention
  • Unlimited Document Meta Data Storage – Document and unlimited associated meta data storage to ensure full compliance
  • Multi-Dimension Index & Analytics Engine – Industry’s first data analysis and search that is on-demand with unlimited index fields definitions
  • Secured Data Management – Manage data access via quick searches, case management, and powerful user entitlement engine

Archive2Azure: Compare Versions A2

Archive2Azure FeaturesA0
Compliance Standard
Compliance Plus
Compliance Premium
Starting at (per month):$325$500$1,250
Compliance Storage
eDiscovery & AnalyticsN/ADiscovery Light*
Case ManagementN/AN/A
Identity Management
Audit & Reporting
API SDK for Third Party

*Discovery Light = the capability of retrieving data based on user/custodian and date range only.

Archive2Azure A2 Suggested Use Cases