Legal/eDiscovery Repository

Companies collect huge amounts of data when responding to an eDiscovery request. In fact, the average amount of data collected per discovery requests averages between 3 and 5 GB per custodian. Multiply that by 10, 20 or 50 custodians per request and the amount of data held for a specific case can amount to a quarter of a terabyte per case. Many larger organizations can receive more than 1 eDiscovery request per week, suggesting that the average large organization can be sitting on tens of terabytes of data that must be protected and made searchable until the specific case has completely run its course.

It used to be that companies would issue instructions to their employees asking them to search for and hold potentially relevant data locally (i.e. desktop) until they were told it was no longer needed. That practice fell out of favor and was replaced with the corporate legal department asking the affected custodians to drag and drop the relevant data onto the legal department’s file share – a costly and relatively unsecure storage repository.

Storing and managing legal data with Archive2Azure

With the rise in corporate litigation, companies are looking for less expensive ways to store and access their eDiscovery data sets for much longer periods of time. Archive2Azure is a perfect repository for legal data set storage due to its ultra-low- cost and secure architecture which allows the company to build custom indexes to enable faster search and culling by case.

  • Migrate large legal data sets to Azure with 100% data fidelity and security. Full preservation of all meta data and content is authenticated with legally defensible audit reports.
  • Store large volumes of legal data in the low cost Azure cloud and manage long term retention with native retention management, including defensible deletion processes.
  • Index a specific legal data set when you need to saving cloud storage and compute costs.
  • Perform eDiscovery discovery search, review, and export with native case management and legal production tools to quickly compile and export search results to 3rd -party eDiscovery platforms.
  • Reduce the burden on expensive primary storage of large legal data sets and avoid possible loss or deletion of data. Keep data secure for long term access and legal discovery.

Archive2Azure uniquely offers a “one-click” solution to preserve a complete Office 365 account for a departed employee and it provides full chain of custody for legal and compliance. Archive2Azure can also find and migrate data from a user laptop or desktop with FastCollect. Admins love the ability to quickly preserve a complete Office 365 account and release the license without concern for future needs. (e.g. future legal search, file restore, full account restores, etc.)

Archive2Azure is the industry’s first cloud-based compliance storage solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure to preserve, protect, manage, and make available departed employee (grey) data.

For further information, please read the following blog.