Import PST Files Successfully in Your Email Archive Migration

Your organization has relied on Microsoft’s Exchange on-premise email and calendaring solution and is moving to Office 365, Azure or Gmail. During the years of Exchange use, you accumulated terabytes of PST files containing email from active and non-active employees and from email placed on legal hold. You need to import PST into Gmail, Office 365, Azure or another email provider.

Your plan is to use Office 365, Azure or Gmail to manage your “live” email and as a repository to hold email data contained in PST files. Your challenge is how to discover and migrate the millions of emails contained in PST files into Office 365, Azure or Gmail, while preserving original message fidelity and chain-of- custody for eDiscovery and compliance.

Archive2Anywhere for PST is the premier email archive migration solution designed specifically to work with Office 365, Azure and Gmail.

Feature Highlights to Import PST Files:

  • Scans PST contents to identify ownership based on file path, file name, ACLs and heuristics.
  • Tags and migrates individual messages, using MAPI validation of data, ensuring data fidelity and accuracy. Provides monitoring and message-level reporting  to support regulatory audits and legal compliance.
  • Identifies non-reconciled (missing) messages; any missing emails are pushed from the source archive directly into Office 365, Azure or Gmail. Provides exception reporting, remediation and reprocessing of failed messages.
  • Identifies message stubs or shortcuts and performs in-flight stub/shortcut rehydration as messages are moved to Office 365, Azure or Gmail. Reports on the number of stubs/shortcuts and size identified, as well as any exceptions and failed rehydrations at message level.

Service Benefits

Benefits of Archive2Anywhere for PST migration:

  • Satisfies regulatory and legal compliance needs by providing message-level chain-of- custody reporting of the entire PST migration process.
  • Protects against data loss; 100% of the content from PST files is moved securely to Office 365 or Gmail, with complete message level audit reporting.
  • Accelerates the migration process by avoiding duplicate processing; only non-reconciled messages are reprocessed.

Key Service Benefits

  • Automatic ownership detection and remediation
  • Full data fidelity migration to Office 365, Azure or Gmail
  • Industry leading performance
  • Legal and eDiscovery compliance
  • Safely decommission legacy archive

Multi-stream data processing:

  • Exchange On-Premise: 5.0+ TB per day per server
  • Office 365: 2.5+ TB per day per server
  • Gmail / Google Vault: 600 GB per day per server (Google API throttle limit)