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Mitigate Your Outlook PST File Risks

Migrate PST Data to Archive2Azure, Microsoft 365, or Exchange


Data Loss Risk

Emails can contain sensitive personal or operational data that is susceptible to being lost when moved to PST files. PSTs are typically stored on devices which are rarely backed-up. PSTs also corrupt easily. These factors make recovering PST data difficult, if not impossible. The only way to prevent PST data loss is to eliminate PST files altogether by migrating their data to Archive2Azure, Microsoft 365, or Exchange. 


eDiscovery Risk

Since PST files are stored locally, the most challenging aspect of an eDiscovery project is often locating, centralizing, and processing the many thousands of PSTs across the organization. Even if you find the PSTs on all the devices, there is no way to search them using Exchange Server eDiscovery tools. Failure to satisfy eDiscovery requests can be costly. eDiscovery risks can be avoided by eliminating PSTs and moving their data to more accessible storage. 


Compliance Risk

Preserving and protecting sensitive information including HR records, customer information, financial reports, personal identifiable information are requirements of regulatory and internal policies. Failure to comply with these guidelines puts your organization at risk of fines, litigation / remediation costs, as well as loss of public trust. By storing email in PST files, users circumvent your email lifecycle management policies, retaining messages longer than required or deleting messages they are required to keep. 

Save Your Organization The Hidden Costs Of PST Proliferation

Do Not Let PSTs Keep Your Organization in the Dark Any Longer. 

Automatically Move PST Data to More Accessible and Manageable Storage

Eliminate PST Files. Respond to Email Investigations More Efficiently, Cost-Effectively, and Defensibly.

Identify All PSTs

Our solution is easily deployed using existing desktop management solutions already in-place. Search local drives, network shares and synchronized cloud accounts for all PSTs. Identify owner, location, utilization, messages, attachments, and size of both connected and disconnected PSTs. And proactively manage data migration, leveraging the distributed power of your endpoints and optimized network capacity. 


Migrate PST Data

Automatically migrate PST data into Archive2Azure, Microsoft 365, or Exchange in the background without impacting the user experience. PST files are migrated and organized the same way end users are used to interacting with them to minimize workflow disruption. Monitor the migration progress at both the item- and PST-level for status, completion, and validation. 


Maintain Data Fidelity & Compliance

All data processing errors are handled per item to mitigate any existing data corruption. Bandwidth controls and time-of- day restrictions prevent user experience, network, or system performance issues. Each message is reconciled with MAPI validation, comprehensive exception reporting, remediation and reprocessing of all failed messages to ensure full data fidelity and authenticity. Once done, Archive360’s secure PST migration solution disconnects the empty Outlook PST files and deletes them. 


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