FastCollect for PSTs

Automated PST discovery, rehydration, migration, and removal for a fully defensible and painless move to the cloud

Archive360’s FastCollect for PSTs is the only automated PST discovery and migration solution that ensures ALL message stubs, metadata, and message content are located, rehydrated, migrated, deleted, and audited in a manner ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

The Problem

One of the most time consuming activities when migrating an email system (and legacy email archive) is discovering all of the individually owned and managed PSTs employees have created and squirreled away over the years. Neglecting to migrate these PSTs can cause problems later including compromising the company’s historical (email) record, reducing employee productivity, risking non-compliance with regulatory requirements, and raising the cost and risk of your eDiscovery processes. Companies need the ability to quickly and easily locate and migrate all enterprise PSTs in a legally defensible manner, no matter where they’re hiding. Archive360’s FastCollect for PSTs does just that.

The Solution

FastCollect for PSTs enables you to scan your enterprise, including individual desktops, for all or select PSTs and migrate them to the new repository, automatically. FastCollect for PSTs enables you to:

  • Scan and locate all PSTs within the enterprise
  • Report on the location, size, and number of items in all PSTs before initiating the PST migration function
  • Report on the utilization of the PSTs
  • Identify specific PST owners
  • Fully rehydrate (recombine) all archived messages with mailbox message stubs
  • Automatically migrate PSTs to the chosen target repository such as Office 365, Azure, or Exchange
  • Generate complete audit and exception reports

FastCollect for PSTs is designed to migrate all PST content, including message stubs, in a legally defensible manner, removing the risk of spoliation, fines, and loss of case. Don’t risk future costly and complex problems by not utilizing the proven PST location and migration capability.

Migrate PST to Office 365 and Azure via Archive360 FastCollect