Chain of Custody & Compliance

For legal and regulatory compliance, legally defensible migration is a critical part of the email archive migration process. For compliance, 100% of all archived message must be accounted for; if a message is missing (for whatever reason), an exception must be noted. For email migration chain of custody and compliance, customers have multiple concerns with regards to email migration:

  • How can I be certain that every message in the archive will be processed?
  • How do you reconcile missing messages?
  • Do you access the legacy email archive via the vendor supplied API? If so, how can I be certain that the API is 100% accurate?
  • Do you access the archive data volumes only? If so, how do you reconcile the archive metadata stored in the SQL database?
  • What reporting is provided during the migration and at the completion?

Chain of Custody and Compliance

Archive2Anywhere adheres to the data preservation requirements of all major compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC 17a-4, broker/dealer regulation and HIPAA and has reconciled in excess of 14 billion message items across more than 450 customers worldwide.  Archive2Anywhere identifies, reconciles and accounts for 100% of a customer’s archived data.  The system maintains the custodian-to-data relationship during every step of the email migration chain of custody process and provides detailed, item-level reporting during the migration process and upon completion.

Chain of Custody

In order to perform an accurate (and compliant) migration, a full understanding of the underlying legacy archive logic and SQL metadata is required. Archive2Anywhere scans the entire legacy archive and reconciles the SQL metadata to the raw archive data volume so that any missing (orphaned) messages are identified and accounted for.

  • Archive2Anywhere processes each archived message in memory and in real-time.  This ensures that all archive data is committed to the target and exception flags are raised for any missing (orphan) messages.
  • Archive2Anywhere identifies and reports the root cause of each message extraction or ingestion failure.  Because legacy archive APIs are not used, the exception description is in plain English, ready to use in forensic processing.
  • Archive2Anywhere provides multiple levels of reporting to ensure full compliance. Reports include:
    • Detailed Legacy Archive Message ID to Target Message ID reconciliation at custodian/mailbox level
    • Message level ingestion confirmation with comprehensive logging and Source to Target Message ID relation
    • Message exception detailed reporting by Legacy Archive Message ID at custodian/mailbox level
    • Message exception consolidated reporting by exception type
    • Comprehensive audit log showing every transaction at message and custodian/mailbox level

Archive360 has the best in class email migration chain of custody!