Data Accuracy & Fidelity

Organizations go to great pains to protect themselves, by ensuring that data is archived in a native and legally defensibly format. The email migration process itself introduces risk if archived data is modified or corrupted during the migration process. Organizations concerned with litigation, bankruptcy or who are in high regulated industries such as Financial Services, Energy and Healthcare should be particularly concerned with the preservation of email data archive migration fidelity during the migration process.

  • Is there a conversion process that is required during the migration? If so, what change is required to the data?
  • Does the archived email remain in its native format during the migration?
  • Are any changes made to the archived email metadata (e.g. file time stamps)?
  • Depending on the migration target, will the archived email retain its original properties?
  • How are corrupt or orphaned messaged processed?
  • What is the process of migrating email stubs or shortcuts?

Archive2Anywhere Data Accuracy and Fidelity

Archive2Anywhere is architected to ensure that all email data archive migration fidelity and metadata is preserved in its native format and ingested with 100% fidelity. Archive2Anywhere relies on the legacy archive SQL DB structure and data volumes to correctly identify the message metadata and all of its components located on the data volume. The extraction engine for Archive2Anywhere ensures the following:

  • All messages belonging to a user (active or inactive) are fully identified.
  • All possible data volumes where a message could have been stored are identified.
  • All parts of a split message including single instancing are identified.
  • All orphaned messages where data is missing are identified.

Archive2Anywhere does not rely on legacy archive APIs for compliance and data fidelity reasons. Our customers (who include some of the largest brands and most heavily regulated companies worldwide) have confirmed that relying on native legacy archive APIs does not provide a legally defensible solution. Some of the reasons included:

  • Legacy archive APIs rarely provide the actual reason a message cannot be extracted – most of the time they generate a generic error message.  These generic error messages are of little use in a court of law.
  • Archive2Anywhere uses a proprietary MAPI properties validation engine and identifies messages that have missing recipients, corrupt senders, corrupt attachments and wrongly encoded message bodies and more. All data is extracted in native format.
  • Archive2Anywhere flags all corrupt messages prior to ingestion and generates a legally defensible exception report.  Depending on the type of corruption, corrective action can also be taken.