Email Archive Migration to Gmail and Google Vault

Your organization has decided to make the move from on-premises Microsoft Exchange to the cloud-based Google Gmail enterprise email platform.You are looking for an email archive migration software to make moving to Gmail or Google Vault easy.

Previously you relied on a third party archiving solution to manage mailbox size and to support your compliance and eDiscovery needs. You have terabytes of email archive data stored in your archive and much of your users’ mail has been stubbed or shortcut. In addition, as Gmail uses EML formatted email, the Exchange MSG formatted email must be converted to EML.

Archive2Anywhere makes email archive migration to Google’s cloud-based mail platforms easy.

Key Email Archive Migration Concerns

Most organizations moving to a new archiving environment have similar questions and concerns, such as:

  • How much data do I actually have in my archive and what kind of data is it?
  • How much “dark data” do I have (such as archived messages from inactive users and leavers)?
  • Will data fidelity be preserved during the conversion from MSG to EML?
  • How are Exchange addresses converted to SMTP for eDiscovery purposes? What about inactive Active Directory accounts?
  • Do I need to migrate the entire archive and the journal archive?
  • What happens to messages that have been stubbed or shortcut?
  • I have ongoing or pending litigation; can I still migrate my mail?
  • How do I manage archive email that is under legal hold?
  • Will I be able to account for 100% of my archived mail?
  • How long will a migration take?

Introducing Archive2Anywhere for Gmail and Google Vault

Archive2Anywhere has been co-engineered by Archive360 and Google to migrate legacy email archives directly to Gmail and Google Vault:

  • Native support for Gmail and Google Vault.
  • Real time MSG to EML conversion, with advance error and fidelity checking.
  • Dynamic address resolution engine that converts Exchange Addresses to SMTP Addresses.
  • Source Message ID to EML Message ID chain of custody and reconciliation reporting.
  • Highly scalable allowing for 300 simultaneous Gmail mailbox connections per server performance.
  • Performs at the maximum daily throughput allowed by the Google API.
  • Integrated Stub Management for point and click stub or shortcut discovery and rehydration.