November 8, 2016

Departed Employees (Office 365 Account Management)

It is a fact of life for every organization that employees leave the company. Whether it is the decision of the employee or the employer, the impact on IT is the same. What happens to the employee’s data when they leave the company?

November 7, 2016

Legal/eDiscovery Repository

Companies collect huge amounts of data when responding to eDiscovery requests. Where is all of that data securely stored while the cases are progressing?

November 6, 2016

Journal Data

Legacy email archives store very large amounts of journal data that organizations are forced to retain for regulatory compliance and legal reasons.

November 5, 2016

PST Consolidation and Retirement

Companies planning a migration of their Exchange server to office 365 all face a common issue: what to do with the individual PSTs floating around the enterprise.

November 4, 2016

Stub Rehydration

One of the many benefits that legacy archives provide is the ability to manage Exchange email mailbox sizes by automatically moving an email message and/or attachment from the user’s Exchange mailbox to the archive.

November 3, 2016

Inactive Users

End-users generate huge volumes of unstructured data including email, work documents, application data, and other media types that is mostly unmanaged at the enterprise level. What happens to this data when employees leave the company?