The Industry’s First Cloud Archive Specifically Designed for Low Touch, Grey Data Based on Microsoft Azure “Cool” Storage …

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The cloud has quickly become the preferred option for companies to help reverse the growing issues associated with ever-expanding on premise legacy email archives for regulatory compliance and eDiscovery as well as the unstructured file system storage. For organizations moving to Microsoft Office 365™, migration of legacy email archives and PSTs is commonly identified as the most challenging data to move, closely followed by unstructured file system data. However, moving legacy email archives and other unstructured data carries with it increased legal risk and regulatory exposure if not done correctly.

Archive360’s Archive2Azure™ is a managed compliance storage solution based on Microsoft Azure. It is delivered as part of the Archive2Anywhere™ platform and is the industry’s first solution allowing for complete elimination of legacy email archives and other low touch or ‘grey’ data including inactive employee work files and PSTs, file system content, system generated data, and data sets generated form eDiscovery. Archive2Azure delivers long-term, secure retention and management of low touch unstructured data, including journal email for regulatory compliance.
Benefits include:

  • Subscription-Based Compliance Storage – Based on affordable Azure infrastructure, Archive2Azure is offered as a subscription model without start-up or cancellation fees. Azure storage cost is transparent, and, because it also uses the Azure infrastructure, no additional hardware is required and the professional services installation is free of charge.
  • Capacity-Based Cost Model – The Archive2Azure solution is priced based on the amount of storage used, not the number of users signed up. This makes storing large amounts of grey data less complicated and easier to manage.
  • Utilize Your Own Azure Subscription – If you already have an Azure subscription, or you want to create one, you can utilize it for the storage charges – providing you the ability to capture Azure credits. Otherwise, you can utilize the Archive360 Azure subscription.
  • Real-Time On Demand Indexing – Archive2Azure is fully integrated with Azure Search and offers scalable on-demand indexing and search with policy-driven data scoping.
  • Native eDiscovery Functionality – Archive2Azure provides a secure, long-term legal repository with case management, first-pass culling, tagging, review, and legal production. Integrated with Microsoft’s Power BI, Archive2Azure offers a scalable eDiscovery platform with integrated analytics.
  • Built-in Records Management – Built-in file retention disposition ensures expired files are removed to save on Azure storage costs.

Archive2Azure provides collection, migration, and long term retention/disposition for archived and unstructured data for compliance, legal, and business requirements. Archive2Azure is the first complete solution to enable companies to fully move to the cloud by eliminating legacy email archives (including journal data), free-range PSTs, and other low-touch unstructured data (file system repositories) in a legally defensible manner.

The Three Versions of Archive2Azure

Archive2Azure Product Offerings

Feature Archive2Azure Essentials Archive2Azure for Compliance Archive2Azure for Legal
Basic low cost ‘cool’ storage Y Y Y
Basic search capability (custodian & date) Y Y Y
Single disposition policy Y Y Y
Multiple disposition policy Y Y
Compliance lock Y Y
Adv. Search w/ on demand full text indexing Y
Case Management w/ Bates Stamp Y

Archive2Anywhere Use cases

Departing or ex-Employee Data Consolidation (“Leavers”)
Archive2Azure is the perfect low-cost, secure storage solution based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure specifically designed for departing and ex-employee data. Read more

Legal/eDiscovery Repository
Migrate large legal data sets to Azure with 100% data fidelity and security. Full preservation of all meta data and content is authenticated with legally defensible audit reports. Read more

Inactive Archives
Using Archive2Azure, organizations can collect inactive user data from file shares and desktops and securely migrate it to the Azure cloud with 100% data preservation. Read more

Journal Data
Archive2Azure provides a low-cost, secure storage solution based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure that will keep your journal data in the correct, compliant format instead of converting or “splitting” it to force it into Office 365 (a potential compliance violation). Read more

PST Consolidation and Retirement
FastCollect™ finds and unpacks PSTs and moves their contents securely to the Azure cloud where user identification is fully automated – even for orphaned PSTs. Read more

Stub Rehydration
Archive2Anywhere uses a proprietary stub management process that recombines (rehydrates) the message stub with the body and any attachments of the archived email ensuring all stub metadata is captured. Read more