Archive2Azure for Compliance

Archive2Azure for Compliance includes all of the capabilities to address regulatory compliance requirements including the ability to migrate targeted content to Azure, to manage and apply granular retention/disposition policies, and safeguard specific content on immutable storage with Compliance Lock™. Now you can store and manage your unstructured low touch compliance for very long periods of time for just pennies per GB per month.

Archive2Azure for Compliance is the perfect solution for organizations wishing to store, secure, and manage their large troves unattached or low touch compliance data for specific periods of time with little or no access/interaction.

Features include (figure 2):

  • Use of your corporate Microsoft Azure account
  • Custom on demand full-text indexing and search based on data owner/author and date
  • The ability to manage the stored data by granular retention/disposition policies
  • Review and tagging of individual content
  • Detailed archive reporting
  • Export tagged content in many popular formats
  • Compliance Lock for immutable storage

Archive2Azure Product Offerings

Feature Archive2Azure Essentials Archive2Azure for Compliance Archive2Azure for Legal
Basic low cost ‘cool’ storage Y Y Y
Basic search capability (custodian & date) Y Y Y
Single disposition policy Y Y Y
Multiple disposition policy Y Y
Compliance lock Y Y
Adv. Search w/ on demand full text indexing Y
Case Management w/ Bates Stamp Y

Figure 2

Archive2Azure for Compliance Use Cases – includes all feature/functionality of Essentials solution plus:

Exchange Journal Data
Archive2Azure for Compliance provides a low-cost, secure storage solution based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure that will keep your journal data in the correct, compliant format instead of converting or “splitting” it to force it into Office 365 (a potential compliance violation). Read more

Stub Rehydration
Archive2Anywhere uses a proprietary stub management process that recombines (rehydrates) the message stub with the body and any attachments of the archived email ensuring all stub metadata is captured. Read more