Migrate Email Archives With the Archive2Anywhere Product Suite

Archive2Anywhere is Archive360’s flagship product and the market leader for email archive migration software.

Archive2Anywhere is a powerful data migration platform that is based on a legally compliant data reconciliation engine. Its main goal is to migrate legacy archive data at high speed while maintaining 100% data fidelity and chain of custody.

Archive2Anywhere is fully integrated with all supported data sources and target repositories, providing the most efficient, fastest high volume data migrations.

Archive2Anywhere meets all required regulatory compliance requirements because it does not convert or compromise archive source data during the migration process.

Archive2Anywhere Email Archive Migration Software Product Features

Rich and Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Archive2Anywhere is redefining the data migration industry by providing a powerful user interface that allows customers and partners to easily install and start migrating data within hours. The self-service capabilities of Archive2Anywhere allows small to mid-size customers to perform their own data migration – reducing overall cost and time to completion.


Archive2Anywhere has a modular architecture that allows it to scale both horizontally for performance needs and vertically for additional functionality. Multi-threaded, multi-server framework is tuned for performance and accuracy.

Data Extraction

The Archive2Anywhere extraction engines fully integrate with the legacy archive at the database and storage level.  Because of this integration, time consuming pre-indexing or categorization is never required, enabling mailbox and journal account extraction within hours of installation.

Archive2Anywhere has native extraction engines for the following products:


The Archive2Anywhere ingestion engines fully integrate with the target systems, enabling data to be transferred in real-time between source and target while maintaining chain of custody and orphaned/corrupt data reporting.

Archive2Anywhere has native ingestion engines for the following products:

Stub Management

Archive2Anywhere is uniquely capable of cleaning up the mess created in Exchange by legacy email archives that “stubbed” or “shortcut” email and attachments for mailbox size reduction. Archive2Anywhere queries the Exchange Server and systematically matches message stubs/shortcuts in Exchange with archived messages in the archive. Stub and shortcut identification and reporting on stub/shortcut count and size

  • In-place stub and shortcut rehydration
  • In-place stub and shortcut deletion
  • Stub and shortcut re-direct to other targets

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Data Accuracy and Fidelity

Find out how Archive360 maintains 100% accurate and complete data during and post-migration.

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Chain of Custody and Compliance

Will your migrated data survive a legal challenge? Archive360 provides the protection you need.

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Archive2Anywhere is the industry’s fastest email archive migration software product. With consistently fast data extraction, our rates exceed 7.0+TB per day per server.

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Hardware Requirements

Archive360 is going to move 50 or 100 Terabytes with one server? Yes!