Archive360 is the leader in email archive migration software.

The company’s flagship product,
FastCollect for Archives™
, is the only solution in the market purpose-built to deliver consistently fast, predictable migration rates, with verifiable data fidelity. The new addition to the platform, Archive2Azure, provides an ultra-low cost, managed cloud storage repository for your low-touch and inactive unstructured data.

Top 10 Reasons Why Organizations Choose Archive360 for Email Migration

Most Experience

Since 2012, Archive360 and our global network of partners have successfully
migrated more than 500 global customers and over 12 petabytes of data from all of the leading legacy email archives.
All of our migration projects are 100% successful and 100% referenceable.

Broadest Capabilities

Archive360 has a track record of migrating from more data sources (your current email archive such as Enterprise Vault,, EmailXtender, EAS, SourceOne, NearPoint), – to more target repositories (such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail Google Vault), than any other vendor in the industry. We’re also the only vendor to comprehensively address the intricate requirements of various types of archived data (journal data, user data for both active and inactive users, PST data, stubs and shortcuts) in a single, comprehensive migration solution. Only FastCollect for Archives accurately migrates all data types and ensures that stubs and shortcuts are compliantly managed and rehydrated with total fidelity.

Highest Performance

We consistently deliver the highest performance of any migration product in the market: 2+ TB per day to Office 365, 7.2 TB per day to PST, 720 messages per second – on a single server.

Fastest Performance

At Archive360, email archiving and data migration is in our DNA. Our leadership is comprised of archiving veterans. Our principal product architects each have more than 10 years’ experience in writing software for at least one of the leading email archiving vendors. They include Microsoft MVPs and email migration process patent holders.

Predictably Simple

Data migration can be complex … your migration software solution shouldn’t be. The FastCollect for Archives platform can be installed in less than 30 minutes, letting you get on with your archive migration quickly. Our software takes care of the complexity, saving you weeks and months of expensive consulting fees, downtime, and employee productivity issues.

Verifiable Fidelity

Our compliant migration processes accounts for 100% of messages, extracted and ingested with no exceptions. Any messages that cannot be processed are flagged and detailed in a legally defensible exception report. In 2015, we processed 80 billion email messages with 99.999% accuracy.

Compliant Chain of Custody

Only Archive2Anywhere can maintain the custodian-to-data relationship during every step of the migration process and provide detailed, item-level reporting during the migration process and upon completion.


The smallest hardware footprint (where we only need one server, others sometimes need 15 or more), and the fastest overrall performance, plus the additional functionality built into the solution (versus needing an army of consultants), make for the most cost efficient and trouble-free email archive migration projects.

Partner Adoption

Our extensive global partner network is comprised of the most experienced service providers in the business to ensure your migration are always performed using the best solution to deliver the most successful outcome to meet your unique migration requirements.

Industry Certifications

Archive360 is the only email archive migration vendor to be awarded both Microsoft Gold Messaging Partner and Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner status.