Email Archive Migration Software

Archive 2-Anywhere Product Suite

Archive 2-Anywhere™ is a software extraction and migration application that enables rapid and secure movement of legacy email records between different archive services.  It securely transports your legacy archive data into a new target environment, ensuring it remains seamlessly accessible - both for end-users and for compliance and eDiscovery purposes.  

  • Performs and exceeds all industry expectations.
  • Driven by software performance, accuracy and audit-ability.
There is no other vendor in the world that can match Archive 2-Anywhere when it comes to helping your organization successfully migrate legacy archive data to a new supported platform. 

Archive 2-Anywhere is available through a global network of migration specialists and archive solution vendors.
  • Performance and Scalability

    Archive 2-Anywhere is a powerful and highly scalable extraction software application capable of running over 40 parallel mailbox extractions on a single server. Multiple processing threads may be used to configure the system for maximum throughput. Typically, Archive 2-Anywhere extracts data at a rate of over five Terabytes (TB) per day based on an average message size of 200 KB. The only potential extraction bottlenecks, that would affect the maximum performance, are related to the target storage devices or Exchange Servers.
  • Data Extraction

    Archive 2-Anywhere is capable of extracting all Exchange data from your archive solution, including data that was ingested into your archive via a PST migration. The following is a list of Exchange data types that Archive 2-Anywhere supports for extraction:

    • User Exchange data still in Exchange
    • User Exchange data that was deleted from Exchange
    • User stubbed data still in Exchange
    • Stubbed extended data that was deleted from Exchange
    • Data ingested into your archive via a PST migration
    • PST data that end users manually archived into your archive
      Public Folders data
    • Storage such as EMC Centera

    Most importantly, Archive 2-Anywhere handles all Exchange Message Classes, including but not limited to; IPM.Note, IPM.Contact, IPM.Appointment, IPM.Activity, IPM.StickyNote, IPM.Schedule, IPM.Task.

  • Data Fidelity

    Archive 2-Anywhere extracts raw messages and attachments from your archive and reconstitutes them into the original Exchange MSG format.  Archive 2-Anywhere extracts a complete set of email Metadata from SQL such as last known folder location, BCC, etc., to ensure a forensically complete collection when responding to an eDiscovery request. All extracted emails are fully MAPI compliant, and can be imported directly into Gmail and Google Vault, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, or written as PST or EML to a generic storage repository such as Microsoft Azure.
  • Structured Output

    Archive 2-Anywhere extracts archived data into unique folders which are structured by Active Directory Forrest SAM Account Names, SMTP Address, or User Name for easy owner identification. Sub-folders can be used to limit the number of objects per folder. These unique folders contain the extracted email in the specified file format (PST, MSG or EML) making it easily accessible manually or uploaded to a third-party eDiscovery application. For large user archives, PST file splitting allows the creation of any PST file size.
  • Exception Handling

    Archive 2-Anywhere is capable of restoring corrupted emails into a valid .MSG or .EML file for review and reporting. Corrupt emails can result from corrupt folder structures, corrupt or lost message bodies or corrupt or missing sender information. Upon detection of a corrupt email, Archive 2-Anywhere marks the corrupt email as needing further review and an exception report is generated so exceptions can be manually reviewed individually or in bulk. The cause of the problem is clearly identified, enabling the Administrator to take the proper course of action to address the problem. 
  • Audit Trail & Reconciliation

    Throughout the entire extraction process, Archive 2-Anywhere maintains a detailed message-level audit trail for reporting and chain of custody.  It calculates the number of items expected to be extracted and tracks the actual number extracted, as well as the number of items with exceptions. The exception report pinpoints the root of the problem for quick trouble-shooting and resolution.
  • Graphical User Interface

    Archive 2-Anywhere is run using an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that allows control of the entire extraction process including setting extraction rules, export targets and reporting. Using the GUI, Administrators can search for and select specific users for extraction. The GUI allows full operation of the solution including stub-only extraction from Exchange, complete user extraction of archived data, date range extraction, and Message Class filtering, among many other capabilities. Administrators can prioritize the extraction order to build extraction queues and create "set-it-and-forget-it" processes. The GUI provides real-time status updates, logs and notifications for easy monitoring and management.
  • Coverage of eDiscovery and Regulatory Issues

    eDiscovery requirements (including legal hold) and regulatory requests are a constant threat to many organizations and place a great deal of responsibility and risk on the responding party.

    For eDiscovery, it is the responsibility of the responding party to find, secure and turn over all relevant, non-privileged content they have in their possession in a reasonable time-frame, no matter where it resides. This responsibility includes finding and presenting all data (including all metadata) associated with each file in its native, unchanged state. In the case of regulatory retention requirements, organizations must capture and retain designated records for specific periods of time and be able to respond to agency information requests with the requested documents, quickly. Both regulatory inquiries and eDiscovery requests demand high levels of expertise and due diligence. 

    When migrating data from your archive, extreme care must be taken to ensure all relevant content is found and completely copied without being altered. Without full chain of custody reporting, your eDiscovery response could be called into question by opposing counsel.

    Unlike many email archive migration solutions, Archive 2-Anywhere is able to find and copy all email data in a forensically sound and legally defensible manner, dramatically reducing the risk of spoliation and incomplete eDiscovery and regulatory response.
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Archive360 has a firm understanding and offering for Enterprise Vault, Mimosa NearPoint and Zantaz Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) customers who are looking for a fast, easy, and trouble-free solution for migrating their archive to newer, more powerful data management offerings. 

We have the necessary messaging, archiving, and compliance expertise to defensibly migrate your message archive back to a format that gives you the flexibility to go to Office 365, Exchange 2010/2013, Gmail and Google Vault, or another third-party archive system.