Email Archive Migration Software

Archive 2-Anywhere Product Suite

Archive 2-Anywhere™ is a software extraction and migration application that enables rapid and secure movement of legacy email records between different archive services.  It securely transports your legacy archive data into a new target environment, ensuring it remains seamlessly accessible - both for end-users and for compliance and eDiscovery purposes.  

  • Performs and exceeds all industry expectations.
  • Driven by software performance, accuracy and audit-ability.
There is no other vendor in the world that can match Archive 2-Anywhere when it comes to helping your organization successfully migrate legacy archive data to a new supported platform. 

Archive 2-Anywhere is available through a global network of migration specialists and archive solution vendors.
  • The Problem

    Email archiving solutions were born out of necessity.  Early versions of Microsoft Exchange were limited by mailbox capacity and completely lacked the features necessary for email retention and email search.  Like thousands of organizations, you installed one of the commercially available email archive solutions to reduce mailbox size and journal email for compliance and legal discovery.  The latest version of Microsoft Exchange 2013 delivers built-in eDiscovery features and supports mailboxes as large as 25 GB.  The problem you are facing is how to quickly and cost effectively extract and migrate the email being held in your existing email archive solution.
  • The Solution

    Archive360 is focused on solving this specific problem in a cost effective and efficient manner for our customers.  We developed Archive 2-Anywhere a message extraction solution that customers can run fully on their own and we provide maintenance for the software and support for the use of the software.  Archive 2-Anywhere email extraction and migration solution comes with remote setup, configuration, activation, and support and software maintenance during the lease period.  Customers can be up and running in less than 30 minutes and enjoy extraction rates as great as 5+ TB per day.
  • Legacy Archive Customers

    Archive360 has a firm understanding and offering for Enterprise Vault, Mimosa NearPoint and Zantaz Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) customers who are affected by the lack of support for these legacy archives.  We are experts in working with EAS, Enterprise Vault and Mimosa NearPoint, messaging, archive systems, compliance and discovery concerns and have the needed expertise to extract your message archive back to a format that gives you the flexibility to go to another platform, such as Office 365, Exchange 2010/2013 or another archive system.
  • What are your archive migration needs?

    • Are you an EAS, Enterprise Vault or Mimosa NearPoint customer affected by lack of support?
    • How can you extract email quickly and cost effectively from EAS, EV or NearPoint?
    • How can you extract email seamlessly and accurately for compliance?

    If you have a need to extract email from EAS, Enterprise Vault or Mimosa NearPoint, please contact us for more information.