Legal Industry

Store Large Archived eDiscovery Files in Cloud
for Easy Access

Corporate legal departments collect huge amounts of data when responding to eDiscovery requests. The average amount of data collected per discovery requests averages between 3 and 5 GB per custodian. Multiply that by ten, twenty or fifty custodians per request and the amount of data held for a specific case can amount to a quarter of a terabyte per case.

Storing large amounts of legal data on local server
is costly and risky

Many larger firms are sitting on tens of terabytes of data. This data must be protected and made searchable until the specific case and all appeals have completely run its course.

Storing client eDiscovery data for long periods of time becomes costly. And after case proceedings and appeals, law firms are forced to keep magnitudes of case data to mitigate risk for their firm.

Storing this much data puts law firms at risks for hackers. The FBI has stated that law firms are now one of the biggest targets for hackers because of the data they are holding.

Moving data to the cloud is easy and secure with Archive360

Archive360 makes it simple and cost-effective for law firms to move sensitive data to the cloud.The cloud is also a more secure data storage solution for law firms.

Archive360 software helps the legal industry:

  • Migrate large legal data sets with 100% data fidelity and security
  • Search and find specific data set among volumes of archived data in seconds
  • Save costs on expensive primary storage

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