Cloud Storage & Management

Make Your Move to Cloud Easy

Your IT infrastructure is growing at an exponential rate due to large amounts of unstructured data that needs to be collected, retained, and managed for compliance purposes. As you look to improve your storage infrastructure and eliminate legacy, on premise systems that are not only costly, but lack the ability to properly secure and store your data in its native format—it’s time to consider a move to the cloud.

Making the leap to a cloud-based archive solution hasn’t always been easy due to the fees associated with migrating terabytes or even petabytes of data from a proprietary, closed solution to the cloud. That is until now with Archive360.

Long-term archiving for data storage, security, and management

Today’s business environment requires you to pivot and make decisions in less time, using more data to base them on. However, if your data is not efficiently managed, if it’s spread across the enterprise, unmanaged, it’s essentially valueless, and most likely a liability. Discover how the right long-term archiving solution can help you quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively make the move to the cloud.

Data is valuable, if you can find it when you need it

Growing volumes of unstructured data built up across your enterprise can have you struggling with what to do with it all. Couple that with rising cyber threats, on-going regulatory compliance requirements, eDiscovery and litigation preparedness concerns, and your business agility needs—and it can make securing, managing, and being able to find data quickly, an impossible feat. You need a solution that increases your business agility and allows you to proactively respond to changes without increasing the scale and costs associated with managing your digital data.

That’s why for companies struggling with the growing issue of unmanaged and/or orphaned unstructured data from application retirement projects, departed employees, file system overload, and legacy email archives and journals—a cloud-based environment is the answer.

Make the move to the cloud

With its low cost, accessibility, redundancy, and higher security, Archive2Azure is the first cloud-based archiving solution built to sit on top of the Microsoft Azure platform—providing you with a complete solution to support a full range of data storage and long-term compliance needs.

Learn how Archive2Azure supports your cloud migration roadmap.