Journal & Email Archive Elimination

The Challenge:

Expensive, Outdated Systems

Existing email journal and user archives are expensive, under-performant with outdated functionalities. In addition, these systems keep customers locked in due to the proprietary data format and exorbitant extraction fees.

The Ask:

Powerful, Low-Cost Archiving Software

Companies are looking for open standard archiving solutions that simplify the end user experience and provide powerful data search & analytics to answer the ever-growing legal requests.

The Solution:

Archive360 FastCollect for Archives plus Archive2Azure

Now you can finally shut down that costly on-premise email archive and move it in its entirety to the Microsoft cloud while maintaining your regulatory compliance.

FastCollect for Archives

  • Regulatory chain-of-custody and audit for legally defensible migration
  • Fastest migration engine on the market today
  • In-flight stub restore with message change preservation
  • One pass migration to Office 365 and Azure

For more information on archive sources, please click here.

Archive2Azure A1 or A2/Compliance Plans

  • Store the data in native format in your Azure subscription
  • Compliance storage, with regulatory retention and disposition
  • Full on-demand text search and case management [A2 plan]
  • Active Directory Single Sign-On end-user access [A2 plan]