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How much is Enterprise Vault really costing you?

Enterprise Information Archiving experts, Osterman Research, break it down.

Report shows cloud-based archiving solutions can be more cost-effective for some customers.

Enterprise Vault is a solid product. It works. But many factors have caused some of us to investigate other options for archiving, eDiscovery and compliance supervision. Have you looked at the cost of cloud archiving? Do you even know how much you’re spending on EV today?

Download the Osterman Research whitepaper now and learn:

- Total cost of ownership (TCO) for Enterprise Vault based on hundreds of installations. 

- Analysis of storage costs for Enterprise Vault based on typical data growth.

- Breakdown of typical costs per user based on organization size. 

“Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) is a very capable on-premises platform for arching email and a limited number of other file types but over time it has become expensive in comparison to cloud-based platforms.” 

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