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Bob-Desteno-18-Edit (1)Earlier this month I shared some exciting news with you.  On September 16th, Archive360 announced that Leeds Equity Advisors is investing in Archive360.  Details of the announcement can be found here on our website. Leeds Equity is an impressive investment firm based in New York City with domain expertise exclusively focused on technology companies in the information and knowledge management sectors.   

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Experts' Advice

Podcast: Data Has Value, But Also Risk - Delete What You No Longer Need

Bill Tolson of Archive360 and special guest Jason Stearns, Past President of ARMA, discuss how to manage the growing amount of information flowing into and out of enterprises today – both paper and electronic. The episode also explores the issues resulting from a lack of corporate focus on information management within an organization - including defensible disposition.

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The Changing Information Governance Environment in the Age of COVID-19

Bill Tolson and special guest Mike Salvarezza, Vice President of Content Development, MER discuss how to maintain an effective information governance program in the new world of COVID-19. The episode explores how information governance professionals must take a holistic view of privacy, cyber security, data security, training, data management, etc. 

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Podcast: Details of President Biden's Executive Order on Cybersecurity

In our latest episode, Bill Tolson and special guests Tyson Marx, Senior Associate at Ward & Berry and Chelsea Padgett, Associate at Ward & Berry discuss the details of President Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity. Aimed specifically at the federal government and their agencies, the directives are wide-ranging, cover the entire federal government, and demand coordinated action on exceptionally tight timelines.

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More Cybersecurity Safe Harbor Laws are Needed (to Encourage PII Security)

Data breaches will happen, no matter the safeguards your organization employs. But proactively employing updated data security capabilities and practices could significantly mitigate the impact and lower your overall cost when the breach occurs. Read this blog to learn how to lower the risk to your organization.

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Migration Challenges

Archive Migrations: Inactive users and Microsoft 365

One of the issues most organizations run into during an archive migration is inactive users and what to do with their data. In this short video, we discuss the challenges of inactive user data and how Archive360 can mitigate those challenges.


In the Media

CPO Magazine: CPRA: The Next Big Mandate (Is Right Around the Corner)

Archive360 has been featured in the most recent issue of CPO Magazine discussing the new California Privacy Rights Act (think CCPA-plus).  Read this article to learn about how this new regulation will affect your data privacy programs and what steps you should take in order comply with this new regulation.

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Support Highlight

Proactive Monitoring of your Archive360 Environment

Cloud adoption and digital transformation remain a strategic priority for many of our customers. However, as the volume of data moved to the cloud continues to grow, so too do concerns with the ability to actively monitor cloud infrastructure and cloud-based applications.

business-open-office-jpg-minified-1Introducing Admin Assist

Admin Assist is an optional support service delivering continuous 24/7 monitoring of a customer's implemented Archive360 software. In addition to proactively monitoring the performance of a customer’s Archive360 platform, our Cloud Services team also monitors the Azure resources supporting the solution. All monitored resources need to be within the designed parameters, and specific processes are triggered in the event of exceptions or anomalies. The objective is to remediate the observed issue as quickly as possible and ensure that the system works again within the designed parameters.

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Helpful Resources

White Paper

Structured Data Archiving for Application Retirement

Legacy applications are a constant resource drain on an organization. Not only do they consume IT's budget, but also require dedicated personnel to maintain. Read more to learn how to manage those costs.


Archive360 Customer Support

Customer success is a top priority at Archive360. Read this datasheet to learn about the different levels of customer support Archive360 provides and which one is best for your organization.


Records Retention and Data Minimization

Regulatory requirements are forcing organizations to more carefully consider Records Retention and Data Minimization, including the Defensible Disposition of records.  Learn how stay in compliance with these new regulations.

White paper

Considerations for Archiving Microsoft Teams Content

With the increasing adoption of Microsoft Teams, Compliance Officers need to ensure they have access to archiving and retention capabilities that fully satisfy the requirements for organizations in highly regulated industries. 


Archive360 Admin Assist

Archive360 provides continuous monitoring, reporting and alerts to ensure optimal performance of your entire Archive360 environment.

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