Empowering Legal Teams Through Digital Transformation

Litigation preparedness for comprehensive ECA, eDiscovery response, and regulatory information requests

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Ensure fast, accurate, and secure eDiscovery processing

Speed data collection, evaluation, legal hold placement, culling, review, and production with a consolidated legal repository built with litigation preparedness in mind

Archive360 Surveillance

Integrated Case Management

Integrated case management capabilities built into your legal repository ensure multiple cases can be tracked separately, managed individually, and processed correctly saving the company and legal department time, costs, and risk.

Cloud Storage

Speed Up the Case Assessment Process

Quickly create go-forward case strategy when you receive notices of new or pending law suits. We provide a secure, single, legal data repository with powerful search capabilities to speed data collection and early review.


Powerful, Elastic Search

Elastic search capabilities provide the fastest results in the industry in a way that won't stretch your budget. You can rely on the validity and consistency of your dataset results with complete chain of custody reporting.  



Intelligent Information Management​

You need legally defensible information management to ensure against spoliation and incomplete eDiscovery responses. Our platform is the perfect legal repository and eDiscovery tool providing control over your sensitive data and security based on your encryption keys.

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