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Intelligent Information Management in YOUR Azure Cloud

Manage any type of data—including images, videos, audio, documents, files, and more—with proven technology.  And be able to retrieve any information in seconds.


Scalable Archiving

Why continue to add more servers and more racks to your on-premise storage and watch your costs continue to increase?  Migrate your unstructured and structured data to the Azure Cloud and easily scale up or down as needed. 

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Make Your Data Work for You

Increase business productivity by automating key processes with zero disruption. Leverage your organization’s information so that it does more for your bottom line than simply address your basic archiving needs for compliance, legal, and regulatory concerns.


Hot, Cold or Archive?

Choose the optimal storage tier(s) to intelligently manage costs.  By selecting a combination of hot, cool or archive storage options, you can balance your performance and costs based on business requirements.


Intelligent, Elastic Search

Elastic search capabilities provide the fastest results in the industry in a way that won't stretch your budget. You can rely on the validity and consistency of your dataset results with complete chain of custody reporting.

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