Proactively Respond to Legal eDiscovery and Litigation Requests

See how our intelligent information archiving solutions enable you to ensure data fidelity and quickly respond to eDiscovery requests and maintain all of your data in a legally defensible, compliant, and secure manner, so you’re able to preserve legal chain of custody while mitigating risk.



Corporate legal departments and law firms collect and retain large amounts of highly valuable, confidential information that needs to be securely retained and properly managed in order to reduce risk and ensure that business-critical information is readily producible upon request.

Securing access to highly confidential legal documentation and communications is an increasing concern given the amount of electronic stored information (ESI) collected by legal entities that must be preserved and stored for long periods of time in order to ensure compliance with eDiscovery and court mandates.

Archive360 solutions enable you to cost-effectively and securely migrate, preserve and store your sensitive legal documents and communications subject to eDiscovery and legal hold in the cloud, all from a single point of management, so you’re able to reduce risk and safeguard data subject to eDiscovery from breach, loss or spoliation. And Archive360 makes this all possible while enabling your organization to respond in a timely manner to a complete range of legal requests while reducing the cost and complexity of producing responsive data.

Deliver accurate, efficient, and legally defensible migrations in minutes

Immutably store eDiscovery in the cloud and prove legal compliance

Ensure data fidelity and reduce risk by automating the legal hold process

Protect sensitive data with secure access and powerful encryption

Conduct scalable, intuitive search by custodians, keywords, metadata and users

Enforce data disposition and retention policies and preserve full chain of custody

Apply granular and bulk legal holds with multi-matter case management

Keep stakeholders informed with comprehensive auditing and reporting



Osterman Research: Key Issues for eDiscovery and Legal Compliance - March 2017

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