Trusted and Secure Information Archiving for Financial Services

Eliminate the need to maintain your financial records in your legacy, on premise data archive that increase security risks and leave your organization vulnerable to internal data loss or even breach. Archive360 solutions provide you with immutable data management and storage, so you’re able to modernize and secure your financial information while ensuring your organization is able to meet the requirements of SEC, FINRA and other compliance and regulatory mandates.



Regardless of whether you’re a broker-dealer, lender, insurer, a commercial or retail bank, Archive360 solutions help you improve the security, protection and auditability of business-critical financial information within the Microsoft Cloud, so you’re able to proactively achieve and maintain compliance while avoiding costly fines.

Our cloud-based, intelligent data migration and information management and storage solutions enable you to accurately migrate, manage, search, and immutably store all your information. Whether you’re facing a regulatory audit, dealing with eDiscovery and legal holds, or need to enforce data retention and disposition policies, Archive360’s intelligent information archiving solutions can help you achieve compliance faster.

Automate and enforce FINRA, SEC WORM, GDPR, and MiFID II requirements

Preserve audio, video, social, corporate records, and legacy applications data types in its true, native format

Bring your own encryption keys and establish granular access controls

Configurable, indexable, scalable search with full data retention

Gain valuable insight with Intelligent data analysis and comprehensive audit reporting



Eliminate the need to maintain your books and records—including email journals—in expensive, on-premises silos, such as archives, backups, or write-once, ready-many (WORM) storage. Our intelligent data management and storage solutions extend the native security and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Azure to help you meet your industry-specific regulatory requirements.  At the same time, you can achieve significant cost reductions—as much as 90%—by consolidating your data silos in an immutable, intelligent Azure-powered cloud archive that resides in YOUR Azure tenant.

Preserve records and communications exclusively in an immutable, non-rewriteable, non-erasable format to achieve SEC WORM compliance

Prevent alteration, duplication or erasure of records according to the assigned data retention periods

Serialize original and any duplicate units of media storage, and time-date stamp electronic media and information to ensure its retained for the required period

Readily download indices and records preserved in accordance with availability standards for regulatory audits



Whether its structured or unstructured financial data or sensitive electronic communications, Archive360 has your security covered. Archive360 solutions protect your information, enforce access control and data retention and disposition policies, and maximize your control and security, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded both in-transit and at rest in the cloud.

We achieve this by providing you with comprehensive and robust safeguards, such as powerful encryption, secure access control, risk management, process auditing and monitoring to prevent breach, loss of data, or unauthorized access to private information.

Encrypt data and records both in-transit and on-disk

Archive and readily access data in any format and on any scale in the cloud

Automatically verify the quality and accuracy of the storage media recording process

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