Reliable, Secure Archiving Solutions for Energy & Utility Companies

Discover how Archive360 solutions enable energy and utility companies to effectively mitigate risk, increase operating efficiency, ensure data availability, and achieve regulatory compliance—all while supporting your long-term data retention, preservation, and storage needs in the more secure and affordable Azure cloud.



As energy and utility companies modernize their IT infrastructure and data volumes continue to grow, many companies within this heavily regulated industry are looking at information archiving solutions that enable them to confidently decommission outdated and expensive legacy, on premise data archives and backup systems, and make the move to the cloud without risking data loss, outages, or breach.

Archive360 provides energy and public utilities with a unified approach to data management and storage and archive migration that enables agencies to maintain efficient, secure, and cost-effective IT operations while providing the scalability they need to support the growing storage demands of electronic media.

Whether you’re facing a regulatory audit, dealing with eDiscovery and legal holds, or need to enforce data retention and disposition policies, Archive360’s intelligent information archiving solutions can help you achieve compliance faster, and with the confidence that your data is always protected, highly available, and stored in a manner that addresses your regulatory requirements. Our solutions enable you to:

Increase business efficiency, and ensure data fidelity and high availability

Effectively scale to manage data growth and ensure business continuity

Readily comply with regulatory mandates and security requirements

Establish proper data governance with policy-driven rules and secure, role-based access

Natively store all your archive data in an immutable format without vendor lock-in

Gain a unified view of all your information through a single, intuitive dashboard



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