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Stay Ahead of Data Management Requirements with a Consolidated Information Repository

Energy and utility companies are modernizing their IT infrastructures while regulated data volumes continue to grow.

Many companies within this heavily regulated industry need information management and archiving solutions that enable them to confidently respond to regulatory information requests while also decommissioning outdated and expensive legacy data management systems.


Establish Data Governance

Managing regulated data for the long-term can be complex and risky if not done correctly. Lost data, data deletions, and data corruption can all put your company at both regulatory and legal risk.

Archive360’s information management and archiving solutions provide policy-driven rules and secure, role-based access that will manage your regulated data over the long-term. 


Manage Your Data in the Cloud

Cloud-based data storage and management has been proven to be a real opportunity for energy companies to take advantage of advanced data handling and management capabilities including auto-categorization, AI-assisted retention/disposition, and powerful analytics to realize the most value from your data.

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Heavily regulated industries like energy and utilities need an information management and archiving solution that can meet the ever-increasing and tightening regulatory requirements and data demands. Archive360 solutions enable you to feel confident that your data is managed appropriately – in your Azure tenancy.