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Archive360 Spring ’21 Release Brings Significant Advances in Cloud-Based Records Management and Security to Ease Cloud Adoption

March 31st, 2021

NEW YORK, March 31, 2021 -- Archive360®, the archiving and information management platform trusted by enterprises and government agencies worldwide, today announced the Archive360 Spring ’21 Release, the latest incarnation of the market-leading platform that enables enterprises to implement Zero Trust, multi-level security and encryption options based on the risk and value of the data they manage in the cloud. Among other enhancements, the platform now features Archive360 Records Management, which cuts the cost and risk of retiring legacy applications and reducing the technical debt of content management systems and back-office applications; and Archive360 Security Gateway, patent-pending homomorphic encryption that transforms cloud-based information security paradigms. The advances cap off a year of sustained growth for the company, with major customer wins, expanded market outreach and increased recognition from industry analysts.

“These are extraordinary times for new business models, cloud-based operations and technology security, and Archive360 is proud to drive this transformation,” said Robert DeSteno, co-founder and CEO of Archive360. “The global pandemic and cybersecurity crisis of 2020 have forever changed organizational attitudes toward information governance and security. We pledge to maintain our focus on constant innovation to help security-conscious government bodies and corporations secure and manage their data in their cloud. Archive360 Spring ’21 Release goes further than ever before in meeting those needs.”

The advances in Archive360 Records Management are custom-designed for an environment in which many organizations need help ensuring the long-term preservation of voluminous records that originated in, and still reside in, solutions set to be decommissioned. For example:

  • It imports each company’s pre-existing taxonomy, making it possible to support customers’ specific classification needs, as well as retention and disposition policies. It also offers advanced functionality for event-based retention, schedule overrides for legal holds and litigation support.
  • It provides entitlement-based search and access with ongoing defensible disposition, including full pre-disposition reports and disposition-approval workflows.

The new release also delivers considerable advances in scalability. COVID-19, obsolete on-premises systems and inadequate security models are accelerating cloud adoption. Archive360 is increasingly tasked with helping organizations rapidly move large volumes of data to the cloud. However, since the size of every organization’s data estate differs, Archive360’s Spring ’21 Release can provably scale to onboard anywhere from 1 Terabyte of data per day to more than 1.5 Petabytes per month, even as it respects complex requirements for infrastructure and information security, data privacy, data sovereignty, and other regulatory obligations. The company ingests 50 Terabytes of data a day from one conglomerate, manages more than six billion objects at another, and processes 33 million objects a day for a government agency.

Archive360 Security Gateway gives customers full control of their infrastructure and information security with a Zero Trust architecture—organizations move to the cloud on their own terms, with freedoms no SaaS provider can match. This includes:

  • The ability to incorporate each organization’s specific security protocols for both infrastructure security and information securityArchive360’s open system (versus a limited SaaS offering) gives customers the ability to review and audit the process down to the smallest detail
  • Customers retain full ownership and management of their encryption keys—a major advantage over SaaS arrangements
  • Contextual security that enables enterprises to develop and execute policy-based information security protocols to support evolving data governance, records management and cloud security needs.

Archive360 Spring ’21 Release builds on major momentum for the company. In the past 12 months, Archive360 has booked record numbers of enterprise customer wins worldwide in a variety of critical industries, with a 230% increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Gartner placed the company in its Visionaries quadrant, and to this day, Archive360 remains the only true Platform-as-a-Service solution for Enterprise Information Archiving.

Archive360 Spring ’21 Release is available now. Go to for details.

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