Modernize Your Data Estate With Archive2Azure And Microsoft Azure

Archive2Azure is the industry’s first intelligent, open-standard archiving and information management platform that takes full advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform. By bringing together multiple Azure services, Archive360 and Microsoft are disrupting the archiving and information management market by helping companies achieve major cost savings, increased security, and regulatory compliance.

Forces Driving this market opportunity

  • Increasing compliance data retention regulations encompassing more data types
  • Accelerating amounts of content being generated
  • Little or no real information management
  • Digital transformation is accelerating
  • Customer’s need for actionable business intelligence
  • Higher security levels
  • Cost reduction

Azure has become a major focus for companies wishing to store and manage their important information, both structured and unstructured, for long periods of time while maintaining legal defensibility and regulatory compliance.

Archive2Azure – The Open Standard for Intelligent Archiving and Information Management

Archive2Azure does what no other cloud archives does; utilize your company’s Azure tenancy to archive and manage your data, secure it with your encrypted keys, while offering an exceptionally low overall cost. And with current and future Azure services, the possibilities are unlimited. Archive2Azure is a native application that provides:

Azure Scalability, Reliability & Security

Archive360’s innovative technology enables the lowest effective cost of ownership based on the compliance data value. By harnessing the power Azure’s trusted cloud and extensive stack, we deliver a global compliant repository that is managed and searched in a fast, secure and reliable way.

Microsoft Azure Partner Marketplace

Archive360 is listed on the Azure AppSource and the App Catalog helping business discover the benefits of utilizing Azure to manage their compliance data.

Together, Archive360 and Microsoft are creating a paradigm shift in how businesses store, manage, access, and secure, data for long-term legal defensibility and compliance.


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