Know Your Data

See across data silos to understand data value, risks, opportunities, and costs. Answer questions like… “where is the data stored?”, “when was it last accessed?”, “what topic(s) is it related to?”, “does it contain sensitive information?”, “who created, accessed, or has access to it?” …so you can manage its value and risks more effectively and efficiently.

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Optimize Data Storage, Security & Governance

Retaining data in a production environment makes sense when it’s being used.  But it also comes with costs (premium storage, greater data processing, inefficient search and discovery) and risks (vendors, system administrators and other privileged users have unnecessary access to your data, increasing your data breach exposure). Migrate inactive and risky data to a cloud archive you control. By migrating inactive and sensitive data to your own dedicated SaaS archive, locking down who can access it, and managing its lifecycle, you reduce data storage, management, and discovery costs and mitigate data compliance risks.   


Automatically Classify, Enrich & Compliantly Manage All Data Types

Manage all your organization’s data consistently, efficiently, and cost-effectively throughout its lifecycle with classification, entitlement, storage, retention, and disposition policies. Leverage artificial intelligence to enrich your data – transcribe audio and video, detect objects and entities in images and video, extract text from images, translate languages, and more – so you have greater data insight, better search relevancy, and streamline the way you manage your data.

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In One Search, Quickly Find the Data You Are Entitled to See

Access to archive functionality and its underlying data is strictly controlled by roles and access to data further controlled by attributes such as data type, time, or case status based on zero-trust, least privilege principles. Search across all data sources connected to our archive.  Searches can be culled and saved on multiple levels, tagged, annotated, and managed in cases to track investigations and legal holds.

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Data Retirement

Dive into the pivotal intersection between data value and risk and embrace data retirement as a crucial aspect of your data governance strategy. 

  • Strategies for effectively managing data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to retirement.
  • The benefits of retiring data as its value diminishes, while maintaining accessibility and compliance.
  • Practical insights into implementing cloud-native solutions, encryption, AI-driven data discovery, and robust data deletion capabilities.

Make Better Informed Decisions Based on a More Expansive Yet Targeted Dataset

With broad connectivity and an API-First approach, Archive360 enables you to build an enterprise-wide information repository from which you can safely, securely, and expeditiously discover and shape valuable insights to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.