Financial Services

Store, search, and archive financial documents
with ease

Financial services organizations must adhere to some of the most prescriptive regulatory requirements for record keeping in the world.

In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) have created regulations to ensure fair tractions and protections of client information. The SEC regulations include detailed retention periods for records, including emails, as well as how those records are to be stored (WORM).

Quick search and retrieval of documents is critical for
financial firms

Financial services companies must be prepared to search for and turn over requested information, no matter the format, to regulatory agencies when asked. To enable this, companies must incorporate archiving systems that can capture, store, and manage this regulated information in such a way as to be able to respond to an agency information request quickly. This capability can be expensive.

Cloud storage reduces cost and complexity
for storing and finding information

To reduce costs and complexity, financial services organizations have begun moving to the Microsoft Cloud (Office 365 and Azure) to replace costly legacy on-premise systems and overhead expenses such as their on-premise email system and aging email archive. Financial Services companies can now take advantage of the benefits of the cloud-based Office 365 and Azure platform.

Our solutions help financial services organizations:

  • Reduce costs of extensive data storage
  • Search and find low-touch financial documents with ease
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and security

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