Energy Sector

Maintain and Manage Legacy Energy Records at Fraction of the Cost

Many Energy industry records requirements impose retention periods measured in decades. Many of these aging records can be stored in aging systems in legacy formats making them difficult and costly to retrieve quickly.

Tight regulations make record management a priority

To complicate matters, the Energy industry is facing new regulations at various levels of government and failure to respond to information requests quickly and completely can result in intrusive audits, costly investigations, and negative PR, that can have significant consequences on your bottom line and brand image.

Cloud migration and storage mitigates risk for energy organizations

The Energy industry is already benefiting from a movement to the Microsoft Cloud to standardize on compliant applications, formats and long-term access to their email and records.

Archive360 cloud migration and storage software:

  • Migrates decades-old records with 100% data accuracy
  • Saves money with low-cost cloud storage options
  • Makes it easy to find records in seconds

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