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Archive360 is the industry standard for providing trouble-free, scalable, and defensible solutions for archive migrations. Whether migrating data to a new on-premise archive or into a cloud solution such as Office 365 or Gmail, our solutions are designed from the ground up to effectively deal with the technical complexities and legal/regulatory risks faced when migrating massive volumes of corporate data.

Ready. Set. Go.
Industry leading performance when extracting from EV, EV.Cloud, EAS, NearPoint, SourceOne
Transfer. Reconcile. Done.
Compliant chain of custody data transfer when writing to Office 365, Exchange, Google Vault or PST
Stub Remediation
Discover. Rehydrate. Redirect.
The most comprehensive stub management solution on the market today.

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Client Success

JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn was able to eliminate their archive infrastructure by migrating 23 TB of archived data to Office 365, following a live mail migration.  Read More


After struggling to make another migration product work, Transfreight involved Archive360 to migrate their NearPoint archive, salvaging what was almost a failed archive migration project.   Read More

UTG, Inc.

After deciding to migrate from their legacy archive, UTG successfully made the move to EMC SourceOne using the Archive 2-Anywhere EAS Edition.  Read More

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Archive360 News


Archive360 Announces Archive 2-Anywhere™ SourceOne Edition

Support for EMC SourceOne Archive as a Source Archive

Archive360 Announces Archive 2-Anywhere™ Gmail Connector with Google Vault Support

Support for Gmail including Google Vault Migrations

Archive360 Announces Archive 2-Anywhere™ Enterprise Vault Edition

Support for KVS/Symantec® EV & EV.Cloud Migrations

Archive360 Blog


Are email archiving vendor APIs the only sure way to extract data from a legacy archive? Here's our take on the subject.

Yes, the use of Vendor API’s is Legacy Migration Technology

For companies with large amounts of archived email data, slow extraction performance could mean having to pay for an additional year of legacy archive support. Avoid the data traffic-jam with Archive360.

Extraction performance does matter!

Beware…email archive migrations can pose levels of risk that many don’t consider.

Email Fidelity: Ignore it at your own risk

Archive360 White Papers

White Papers

Addressing the Abandoned Email Archive Risk

This white paper defines obsolete and abandoned email archives and also the risks and costs associated with abandoning legacy email archives. Learn how to mitigate those risks by defensibly migrating your archive data.


The Case for Migrating Legacy Email Archives

This white paper examines reasons for migrating from legacy email archive systems, potential issues to look out for, and migration process strategies. It also covers 9 steps to prepare for a trouble-free migration.


Best Practices for Managing Archive Migrations

This Osterman Research white paper, sponsored by Archive360, discusses a variety of challenges around migrating legacy archives and also offers a selection of choices and recommendations for improving the archive migration process.