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Searching for specific keywords in audio and video files can be a major headache, if not impossible. The Archive2Azure Media solution indexes audio and video files by spoken word, producing a complete transcription. With machine learning technology, it can immediately translate content into one of 50 plus foreign languages. As a result, audio and video files will have more robust, indexable metadata which greatly speeds search and dramatically raises accuracy over that of human search.


Media files are an ongoing problem for many companies including those with regulatory requirements specifying retention of audio and video files (SEC Rule 17 and MiFID II). Media files are also a liability when responding to eDiscovery requests. Because native media files are usually unindexable (without additional expensive software) attorneys must have staff listen to and manually transcribe each media file, which can reach hundreds of hours.

Archive2Azure for Media ensures each media file is fully indexed using machine learning technology. The transcriptions are indexed to specific locations in the file so that the keywords and content around it can be tagged with automatic movement to those points in time.


<p>Fully Index and make searchable your audio and video files</p>

Fully Index and make searchable your audio and video files

<p>Automatically transcribe your audio and video files</p>

Automatically transcribe your audio and video files

<p>Search for keywords across all of your media files and go directly to each keyword instance</p>

Search for keywords across all of your media files and go directly to each keyword instance

<p>Instantly translate foreign language documents to English or a growing number of other languages</p>

Instantly translate foreign language documents to English or a growing number of other languages

Analyst quote

“Because indexing and searching audio and video files has been such a time-consuming process, many organizations have large stockpiles of these files that are difficult and costly to search and discover. This can present eDiscovery, compliance and governance challenges as well as policy-based management issues. Archive360 is helping to solve this. By taking advantage of Microsoft’s new Azure capabilities such as Cognitive & Media Services and a low-cost Archival storage tier, they’re taking the cost and risk out of the retention and searchability of audio and video files.”

George Crump, Chief Analyst and Founder, Storage Switzerland

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Microsoft is committed to collaborating with solutions providers that help our customers meet their IT, business, legal and regulations requirements. We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Archive360, and look forward to working with them to help ensure our financial services Microsoft Azure customers enjoy the cloud platform with the largest compliance portfolio in the industry

Tad Brockway, GM, Azure Storage at Microsoft

Really slick solution, and this was the reason why I could start migrating the customer to the cloud, so I appreciate you guys…this unstuck a situation for us.

Christopher Jennings, Modern Workplace Solution Specialist at Microsoft Corporation


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