The Customizable Cloud Information Management Platform

Tailor your Archive2Azure Information Management platform with tools you need for your specific industry and situation. Don’t be forced to purchase a bloated and complex information management solution just because that’s all that’s offered. Mix and match Archive2Azure solution modules to enable you to create the exact information management solution you need.


Irrespective of the country or industry your company operates in, archiving has become a necessity. For many, regulatory compliance is the driving factor however, litigation preparedness is also a major driver. Over the last several years, companies in mass, have been adopting cloud archives for several reasons including cost savings and greater compliance capabilities.

Archive2Azure solution modules are individual applications that work in conjunction with the Archive2Azure platform and are engineered to provide specialized archiving, information management, analytics, and reporting capabilities. With Archive2Azure and at least one of the solution modules, companies can tailor their cloud archiving solution to exactly the set of capabilities needed. Current Archive2Azure solutions modules include:

Regulatory compliance drives much of the information management needs companies are now facing. By purchasing just those solution modules needed, companies can design an archiving solution which:

<p>Minimizes complexity</p>

Minimizes complexity

<p>Reduces cost</p>

Reduces cost

<p>Ensures compliance</p>

Ensures compliance

<p>Raise security</p>

Raise security

Archive2Azure Connectors

The Archive2Azure platform currently offers 80 plus data connectors:

Category Data store
Azure Azure Blob Storage
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Data Lake Store
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Azure File Storage
Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure Search Index
Azure Table Storage
Database Amazon Redshift
Drill (Beta)
Google BigQuery
Greenplum (Beta)
Apache Impala (Beta)
Microsoft Access
Netezza (Beta)
Presto (Beta)
SAP Business Warehouse
SQL Server
Vertica (Beta)
NoSQL Cassandra
Couchbase (Beta)
File Amazon S3
File System
Generic protocol Generic HTTP
Generic OData
Generic ODBC
Services and apps Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Beta)
Common Data Service for Apps
Concur (Beta)
Dynamics 365
Dynamics CRM
GE Historian
HubSpot (Beta)
Jira (Beta)
Magento (Beta)
Marketo (Beta)
Oracle Eloqua (Beta)
Paypal (Beta)
QuickBooks (Beta)
Salesforce Service Cloud
SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)
Shopify (Beta)
Square (Beta)
Web Table (HTML table)
Xero (Beta)
Zoho (Beta)
On Premise Legacy Archives Veritas Enterprise Vault
ArchiveOne / C2C
Autonomy EAS
Autonomy NearPoint
Autonomy Consolidated Archive
EMC EmailXtender
EMC SourceOne
Gwava Retain
Open Text AXS-One
Open Text Email Archive
Open Text IXOS
Commvault Simpana
Zovy Archive
Storage Connectors EMC Centera / Atmos / ECS
EMC Isilon
Cloud Archives Veritas Enterprise
McAfee MX Logic
Micro Focus Digital safe
File Shares SMB


Information security is a major requirement of many government regulations. In many cases, specific security requirements are spelled out while aggressive fines possible if not followed.  Most of the 50 states have put data breach notification laws in place which spell out minimum security capabilities as well as how companies must respond. The required notification process can cost many times greater more than the cost of providing first class security. Ensuring your data is secured by a state of the art, internationally recognized cloud platform is a must. Security advantages of the Archive2Azure Intelligent Information Management platform:

<p>Your data resides in your company’s own Azure tenancy</p>

Your data resides in your company’s own Azure tenancy

<p>Only your company’s encryption keys are used and never seen by anyone else</p>

Only your company’s encryption keys are used and never seen by anyone else

<p>The Azure Cloud is regularly certified by internationally recognized security organizations</p>

The Azure Cloud is regularly certified by internationally recognized security organizations


The need to meet regulatory compliance requirements is a major driver for companies adopting information management solutions. Stop the expensive cycle of paying vendors for annual software and hardware support as well as purchasing terabytes of tier-1 storage to meet your regulatory requirements.

Our range of information management and archiving solutions extend the built-in security and compliance capabilities of Archive2Azure to help you meet your industry-specific regulatory requirements.  The Archive2Azure platform will help your company implement a first class information management solution specifically suited to your industry. You will realize significant cost reductions by archiving into YOUR Azure tenancy.

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Microsoft is committed to collaborating with solutions providers that help our customers meet their IT, business, legal and regulations requirements. We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Archive360, and look forward to working with them to help ensure our financial services Microsoft Azure customers enjoy the cloud platform with the largest compliance portfolio in the industry

Tad Brockway, GM, Azure Storage at Microsoft

Really slick solution, and this was the reason why I could start migrating the customer to the cloud, so I appreciate you guys…this unstuck a situation for us.

Christopher Jennings, Modern Workplace Solution Specialist at Microsoft Corporation


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