Departed Employees

The Challenge: Mishandled Departed Employee Data

Too often, companies ignore the potential consequences of mishandling departed employee data. Employee theft of customer accounts, Intellectual Property and sensitive company data goes unnoticed. In certain circumstances, ex-employees have several years (statute of limitations) to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Most organizations have created policies to capture and retain all departing employee work data.

The Ask: Fast, Automated Data Collection for Departed Employee Data

Companies need a fast, automated, and broad enterprise-data collection mechanism for departing employee data that is affordable, easy to use, and legally defensible. Backing up the data and shipping it off-site is no longer cost effective or fast enough for today’s needs.

  • Does Legal, HR and Security require you to retain departed employee data?
  • Do you know the policy and process to collect and retain departing employee data?
  • Can you quickly find and produce departed user’s data when corporate policies request it?
The Solution: Archive360 FastCollect Plus Archive2Azure

Archive2Azure is a native cloud application that leverages Azure components holistically. Store data in native format, customer Azure subscription with no vendor data lock-in.

  • Discover, classify, and collect any data type by user/custodian and date stamp it
  • Collect and store data in Archive2Azure Compliance Storage platform

Archive2Azure A1/Compliance Standard Plan
  • Meet Compliance, secure and protect data with advanced retention management engine
  • Find, review, analyze and produce departed users’ data via web or API SDK access.

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