Compliance Records Management
with eDiscovery

The Challenge:

Quickly Changing Compliance Standards

The always expanding governmental regulations around data handling, for example around SEC, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley, require companies in certain industries to store and manage records in a very defined manner. A handful of specialized storage vendors provide proprietary solutions that lock customers into extremely expensive platforms for years.

  • Does your company have regulatory data requirements, such as SEC 17a-3/4?
  • Do you currently address those requirements through dated or underperforming systems?
  • Are maintenance and support costs increasing while the value is decreasing?

The Ask:

Flexible, Scalable Compliance Management Solution

Companies with strict regulatory requirements are looking for compliance management solutions that take advantage of the cutting-edge technologies and scalability offered by the cloud while keeping costs under control.

The Solution:


Archive2Azure A2/Compliance Premium Plan

Archive2Azure not only offers WORM-like storage functionality, but also runs disposition policies to enforce corporate data destruction policies

  • Store the data in native format: Native data format storage accessible via open standard APIs
  • Compliance Storage: Meets immutability and other regulatory storage and management requirements (ie: SEC 17 a-3/4)
  • Long-Term Retention & Disposition: Advanced retention management engine and encryption
  • Multi-Dimension Index & Analytics eDiscovery: Industry‚Äôs first data analysis and eDiscovery that is on-demand with custom index fields
  • Secured Data Management: Manage & audit data access via quick searches, case management and end-user access