Cloud-Based File Share replacement for NAS, CIFS, SMB

The Challenge: Limited Enterprise File Storage (NAS, CIFS, SMB)

Every day employees ask for more enterprise storage, while also demanding that their stuff not get deleted from the corporate file shares. It’s a never ending story forcing IT to annually purchase additional file share capacity every year and along with it, the overhead to keep it up and running.

  • Is you storage budget continuing to increase because your share drives are always full?
  • Are your file shares full of files more than two years old?
  • Is your business department a major roadblock to disposing of orphaned files?

The Ask:

More Storage at Lower Costs

Companies are looking for ways to alleviate the need for ongoing annual storage purchases of additional NAS file shares capacity and instead offload low-touch or inactive data that meets certain size, age, or access patterns to cheap and scalable cloud storage as an extension to the on premise file shares. In addition, security, native replication with high SLAs are also needed.

The Solution:

Archive360 FastCollect for Servers plus Archive2Azure

Archive2Azure acts like an extension to your on premise file share seamlessly moving your low-touch or inactive data to the Azure cloud freeing up space on your file share. The Archive2Azure application is infinitely scalable, end-user searchable, secure, replicated, and extremely low costly compared to the actually cost of on premise enterprise class storage.

FastCollect for Servers

  • Discovery and classification of file share data
  • Pre-collection analysis by size, date and access patterns

Archive2Azure A1/Compliance Standard Plan

  • Store the data in native format in your Azure subscription
  • Compliant storage with retention and disposition
  • Fine and retrieve end-user access via AD SSO