FastCollect for PSTs

Fully automated PST discovery, stub rehydration,
migration, and removal application

Ensure a fully defensible and painless move to the cloud

Industry’s Only Full Legal and Regulatory Compliance for PST Discovery & Migration

FastCollect for PSTs can:

  • Scan and locate all PSTs within the enterprise
  • Report on the location, size, and number of items before initiating the PST migration function
  • Report on the utilization of the PSTs
  • Identify specific PST owners
  • Fully rehydrate (restore) all archived messages with mailbox message stubs
  • Automatically migrate files to the chosen target repository such as Office 365, Archive2Azure, or Exchange
  • Generate complete audit and exception reports

Archive360 migrated the data out of NearPoint quickly and efficiently, and it allowed us to completely retire our NearPoint system with the confidence that all of our old data was safely on our new system.

— Rob Latsky, IT Manager at City of Foster City

Use Cases for FastCollect for PSTs

FastCollect for PSTs provides powerful capabilities which enables companies the flexibility to address various use cases including:

Journal & Email Archive Elimination

Simplify the archiving process and leverage powerful data search and analytics to answer legal requests. FastCollect is a legally compliant solution for journal and email archive elimination.